Project 366 2020 Week 12

Project 366 2020 Week 12

Project 366 2020 Week 12 Day 75-81 The week where it all became very real and we went into isolation

Sunday 15th March – Day 75

Project 366 2020 Week 12

More rain, what a surprise. The cats couldn’t decide whether to get wet paws again or not.  Excuse the state of the patio doors, I spend my life wiping away muddy paw prints!

The menfolk headed off to a garden railway show in Leamington Spa whilst I caught up with some blog work and housework.

Monday 16th March – Day 76


I wonder for how much longer I’ll be able to say it’s a school day today.  It feels a little like life is on hold at the moment, you can’t make plans and you have no idea what the news of the day will bring.  Uncertain times for all.

It’s been a lovely sunny day which makes a nice change. The cats have both loved being outside although I discovered today that Paddington enjoys field mice as much as Brewster.  Both of them were mid-feast in the garden before I could stop them.  I did get to spot this ladybird though.

The government announced new measures in the fight against Covid-19 – it all feels like we’re in the middle of a movie script right now.  Cinema trip with friends cancelled in light of the news.  One of my friends then told me about the battle her husband now faces and it put everything that’s happening right now in perspective.

Tuesday 17th March – Day 77

Project 366 2020 Week 12

I emailed a few PR’s to postpone review trips that we had planned for the next couple of weeks.  Both things we were all really looking forward to, but hopefully we will be able to proceed later in the year. It also looks like we will need to cancel the hiking holiday I had planned with my best friend, better that she cancels now and only lose the deposit.  Gutted though, as it’s been years since we’ve been away together and we’ve been planning this for months.

I needed to get a few essentials such as washing powder, eggs, bread and cereal so headed off to Tesco.  I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Aisle after aisle of empty shelves.  I hadn’t felt scared about the current situation until I saw what people must be doing – their behaviour is what scares me now.  I stood no chance with bread or eggs but did manage to get the cereal I wanted and washing powder (the one option available).

When I picked my son up from school it was clear that all was not well with my son.  He had a temperature, was complaining of a headache and was coughing.  Why he wasn’t sent home early I do not know. He didn’t want anything to eat and curled up on the sofa with a blanket.  Not normal at all. By the time I went to bed it was clear that we would need to self-isolate.  Whether he actually has Covid-19 I’m not convinced, but in this climate, we have no choice but to stay at home.

I sent messages to both of my bosses and friends we’ve been in contact with recently to make them aware, and left a message on the school phone.

The cats had a momentary truce, it didn’t last but it’s a step forward!

Wednesday 18th March – Day 78

Project 366 2020 Week 12

We’re both a bit knackered after not getting much sleep with my son’s constant coughing.  His temperature has been going up and down all day, but he does look better than he did yesterday.

I had no work from job one this morning I could do from home, but plenty of work I could do for my second job, so whilst I’m well enough and he’s not himself, I cracked on with that.  Who knows what the week will bring.

My new glasses arrived today and I’m really pleased with them, excuse the lack of mascara, I’m not ill really!

Thursday 19th March – Day 79

Project 366 2020 Week 12

A tough day emotionally.  My son’s temperature seems to have stabilised bt he’s still coughing for England.  It’s rained and I felt very hormonal.  One of my lovely friends found us some eggs and I’d promised my son we’d make a cake when I finished work.  Went to make the cake, no butter.  Messaged my friend with her second mission impossible task of the day.  She came up trumps and her and her son (my son’s bestie) dropped some off along with my son’s PE and Forest Foragers bags.  The boys got to see each other from a distance.  Emotional all round.

The Lego building has recommenced so he must be on the mend.

We had my son’s school learning pack delivered and it totally overwhelmed me.  They seem to be expecting a lot, and with one laptop between us that I need for work, I’m not sure how we’re going to make it work.  Wine was needed.

Friday 20th March – Day 80

Project 366 2020 Week 12

I had some work to do from home for my morning job so I cracked on with that, while my son enjoyed the sunshine and played in the back garden.  One of my work friends left us a surprise food parcel on the doorstep, this week has shown me how wonderful some people are.  I’d already done my hours for the week for my second job, so I got to spend time out in the garden this afternoon.  Just to be outside for the first time since Tuesday felt so good.

My son spent the afternoon den building in the kitchen and living room, baking a cake with me and then we had a rainbow drawing competition with the winner getting to pick the best window to put it up in.  Our local community are putting up rainbows in their windows for the children to spot as and when they’re allowed to be outdoors.

My son obviously missed the last day of school and having spent all of his school days in a mixed years class, there will be a lot of children that he might not get to see again.  His bestie took a message to some of them from my son and we had a video call between the boys after school.  We’re planning on making that a daily thing during the week so that they can chat, play online games together and help each other with their work.

One of my NCT groups husband was meant to have bowel cancer surgery today in Oxford.  They were all set, and then at the last minute, the procedure was cancelled as all ‘free’ beds were needed for an influx of Covid-19 patients.  No future date has been set, for what could well be life-saving surgery.  This is the reality, this is heartbreaking.

Saturday 21st March – Day 81

Project 366 2020 Week 12

At least the sun is shining on our ever-changing world and my son has been outside for hours making mud poo! Mud poo of varying sizes for different animals. I guess there is some science and nature learning going on there to some degree!! Anyway, he’s happy and smiling and loads better than he was.

I’ve caught up with some housework and had a FaceTime session with my best friend, who’s feeling really isolated right now.  Seeing a friendly face any way possible has to be a good thing for all.

No Mother’s Day day out for us tomorrow so we’ve agreed to have a takeaway delivery tonight instead and I found a bottle of Prosecco which is a bit of a bonus.

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25 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 12

  1. The dirty paw prints on the patio doors made me smile. I am constantly wiping off ‘let me in/let me out’ muddy paw marks from the patio doors and wet nose smudges on the inside of the windows, too.

    Five supermarkets and not a single loo roll for us today but at least I managed to get a couple of bags of cat litter..

    Many families in your situation. Pleased your son is a little better now. Enjoy your Prosecco!

  2. The photo of the cats looking outside did make me chuckle. I think they did right staying inside.
    So sorry about your hiking holiday. It’s such a shame but your’re right it’s better to cancel now.
    Aww! Your poor son and what a worry for you. Sending hugs. I’m glad to see he’s feeling better now.
    Everyone one here is doing the rainbow thing too. That’s a job for us to do on Monday.
    That is really sad news about your friends husband. I hope he gets his surgery. x

  3. So sad that so many things are being cancelled – I’ve had 3 theatre shows returned so far, and we’re anticipating blog retreat to be cancelled. I also know someone who’s having treatments cancelled at Oxford. Not as serious as your friend’s husband, but for serious chronic illnesses. We just have to hope that this passes as a one off as soon as possible. Glad to hear your son’s on the mend.

  4. What a tough week you’ve had. So glad your son is feeling better, though. What a nightmare about your friend’s husband’s operation. I hope he doesn’t have to wait too much longer for it.

  5. Oh no, such a nightmare for your son to feel ill as, obviously, our first thought these days is coronavirus. Glad to hear he’s on the mend though. Phew ! So sorry for your friend’s husband – the world is a scary place right now. I did have a giggle at your son’s mud poo – yeah, that’s definitely learning ! lol 😉

  6. Glad he is feeling better now, we have a few LEGO sets that I think will be built in the next few weeks. We are disappointed with all the cancellations, we were supposed to be at WB studios this week for Eliza’s birthday treat 🙁

  7. I’m glad that your son is feeling better now – what a worry that must have been for you. So hard that your friend’s husband’s operation was cancelled too. I hope that it can be rescheduled. The bigger supermarkets have been crazy with empty aisles – thankfully our local shop hasn’t been too bad, although some things have been tricky to get hold of. #project366

  8. We had to cancel some review trips too…it is such a strange and scary time. I went to Tesco one evening and the shelves were stripped bare of essentials. It did make me panic a bit but thankfully we were quite well stocked up anyway.

    Sorry to hear your friends surgery was cancelled…I hope it is rescheduled soon!

  9. My living room window is constantly covered in dog nose prints.
    Glad he is feeling better and hope he stays that way. Think you are wise to isolate with him, may have been nothing sinister but time you can tell it is to late.
    I was rainbow counting today as I drove down to DD1’s with some stuff.

  10. Crazy is the only word I feel I can use right now to describe what’s going on. I can glad your son is much better it is such a worry isn’t it? Sorry to hear about your friends husbands operation, having live through this exact same thing with a close family member recently I know how important that it. I really hope they can get it rescheduled soon. Sorry to hear about your bestie too, it must be really difficult. We have been using an app called Houseparty which seems to work really well too. Sorry about the cancellations, I feel your pain xx

  11. Awww cute cats. Cute ladybird. Yeah, it’s a huge transition in our daily life. I wanted to plan a hiking day with my friend but it;s not possible. There hasn’t been that much binge shopping here, half the people haven’t taken it seriously. I hope your son is alright. It’s good that you have work to do so you’ll have less financial issues. I agree, your glasses are very elegant. Wow cool plane or rocket. That’s quite efficient of the school.
    That’s very kind of your friend to give you food & stuff. So sweet to attach rainbows on the window. Oh my God, that’s so cruel! He needs the surgery! There are other illnesses as well that are life-threatening!
    Awww your son looks so happy holding poo

  12. It’s amazing how our lives have changed around so quickly. Hope Monkey is over his cough now.

  13. Glad to hear that Monkey was much better by the end of the week, and was happily creating mud poo. Of course, it’s science! His Lego creations are epic, as usual. Love the rainbow as well. I have seen some people posting pictures of rainbows in Abingdon, and wasn’t sure what it was about. I wonder if Eddie might like to do one for our window. The cats by the window made me smile. 🙂

  14. Having a cough must have worried you, hopefully he did have it mildly and is now immune. The world is so strange right now, I hope you are all staying home and safe #project366

  15. sorry to hear Freddie had been unwell, hope he’s better now, some schools seem to be sending a lot of work home and others very little. My windows need constant cleaning from where Pushkins keeps licking them. hope your friends husband is ok

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