Project 366 2020 Week 15-16

Project 366 2020 Week 15-16

Project 366 2020 Week 15-16 Day 96 – 109  The weeks that should have been the first week of the school Easter holidays and my birthday.

Sunday 5th April – Day 96

Project 366 2020 Week 15

A lovely sunny day spent mostly in the garden.  Time to get my toenails painted for the first time this year and went the whole hog with my fingernails too.

I’d bought some hair clippers last week and today I set to work on Daddy P’s hair – it was hard work.  He’s got thick, wiry, curly hair and it took ages, in the end, we just went for a really short cut.  My son is having his done tomorrow!

Monday 6th April – Day 97

Project 366 2020 Week 15

The first day of the ‘school holidays’.  I’d already decided that there would be no school work for two weeks.  I think children have a lot to deal with right now and a break is probably very much needed.  My son will learn in other ways for a couple of weeks.

He was meant to have a chilled start in his pj’s but I needed to pick up some paperwork from work first thing so he wasn’t too happy to have to get dressed!

Anyway, working from home with no school work to juggle made for a much happier household.  After I’d finished we had some fun together playing games and then I tackled his hair.  Thankfully he has hair like me, fine and wavy and it was so much easier to trim than his Dad’s.  He loved the results and has asked me to cut his hair from now on – pennies saved!

Tuesday 7th April – Day 98

Project 366 2020 Week 15

My son spent all day out in the garden.

When I had a break at lunchtime I saw what he was up to!  He’d been digging a hole to make a tunnel and discovered bury treasure, otherwise known as a brick.  It took all day to excavate it and he was thrilled by his discovery.

Once I’d finished work for the day we planted some veggie and flower seeds that I’d ordered from our local garden centre. We’ve not grown veggies for a long time so it will be good to get back into the habit, although our garden is terrible for growing anything in normally.

We received our letter from Boris Johnson telling us to stay at home.  Seems even more real now considering he is in ICU right now.  A bit of history too, something to keep for my son to show his children in years to come when the6y have a Coronavirus homework project in the future.

Wednesday 8th April – Day 99

Project 366 2020 Week 15 Weds

While I was working this morning, my son was in his mud pit round the back of our garden.  Look what I’ve found today Mum! Oh joy!  This looks like a breeze block or paving slab.  I halted excavations as it goes out under the lawn, which he’s already encroached on quite heavily.

Thursday 9th April – Day 100

Painted Lady caterpillars

I only had to work for two hours this morning for my first job and then I’m on holiday until Tuesday.  It was a lovely feeling to switch the laptop off.  I’ve still got loads of blog work to catch up on but I need a proper break from everything and my son needs some attention.

Saying that we spent the first hour of my holiday queuing to get into the supermarket which didn’t impress him much! At least the sun was shining.

When we got home we had a delivery which I’d been keeping a surprise – caterpillars!  I forgot to buy any last year and I’d promised him I’d remember this year.  Being stuck at home it will also give him something to concentrate on.

Friday 10th April – Day 101

Project 366 2020 Week 15

Good Friday and another scorching hot day.  Our garden thermometer recorded a temperature of over 30 degrees at 1 pm!

Daddy P was working all day so my son and I just spent the time chilling out in the garden.  Who knew a water pistol could be so much fun.  It kept him occupied for hours.

My next-door neighbour knew I was looking for self-raising flour so she added some to her on-line order for me and gave it to me as an early birthday present.  I’d also been instructed by my friend Suzanne to open her present two days before my birthday – it was a cake mix – I’m sorted!

Saturday 11th April – Day 102

Project 366 2020 Week 15

The weather was just glorious and my son and I spent all day in the garden.

Today was all about bubbles, lots of bubbles.

Sunday 12th April – Day 103

Project 366 2020 Week 16

Easter Sunday and my 52nd birthday. We might not have been in Yorkshire for the weekend or able to go out for a nice meal but at least the sun was shining all day.

I cooked roast duck for dinner which was lush and afterwards we went for a long walk around the estate.

Monday 13th April – Day 104

Project 366 2020 Week 16

Easter Monday and another lovely day although a little chiller than we’d got used to.

Daddy P needed to drop some documents off at the solicitor’s in town so we decided to incorporate that into our daily exercise.  We also got to drop something off on his sister’s doorstep on the way.  We’ve not seen them for weeks now as our BIL is high risk and my SIL is over 70.  We said hello from a safe distance before carrying on with our walk

Tuesday 14th April – Day 105

Project 366 2020 Week 16

Back to job one for me for two hours at home and the rest of the day on holiday.  We’d got a blog review item to look at which took much longer to put together than we’d thought so the day ran away from us and wasn’t as we’d hoped.

We needed a walk after dinner to restore our spirits and managed to avoid people quite successfully.

Wednesday 15th April – Day 106

Project 366 2020 Week 16

This little cat lost his collar on Sunday and was also seen almost getting flattened out on the main road.  With lighter evenings he wants to be out more later in the day and likes to sleep all day.  He’s going to give me grey hairs for sure.

After work, we noticed that our moth had hatched! Guru Gramps advised that it was an Angle Shades Moth. We left it out in the garden on the table and after dark, it flew away.

It looks as if my son has taken after his father with regards to his toenails.  He was complaining of having a painful big toe and it looked to me as if it was an ingrowing toenail issue.  I asked his god-mum (a podiatrist) for some advice and hopefully, we can sort it out now.

Thursday 16th April – Day 107

Project 366 2020 Week 16

I’d promised my son he would have my undivided attention after work and he decided we’d spend the time designing a new train track layout for his bedroom using his Trackmaster train track.  I wonder how much longer he’ll be able to squeeze under his bed!

In the evening I had a zoom catch up with my NCT group.  Lovely to catch up and have a laugh with good friends at the end of the day.

Friday 17th April – Day 108

Project 366 2020 Week 16

Our caterpillars are growing fast!  I wonder how long it will be before they change.

We needed to get our weekly shopping, and after yesterday’s announcement that we’re in partial lockdown for another three weeks, it’s not a trip I look forward to.  My son is growing out of everything so we need to get him some clothes and new pjs too.  We were amazed, we went to Sainsburys rather than Tesco today and we didn’t queue at all – in, shopped and home again in the same amount of time we queued at Tesco last week.  It made such a difference but I doubt we will be so lucky again.

Saturday 18th April – Day 109

Project 366 2020 Week 16

Two bedraggled cats welcomed me first thing this morning and they’ve decided not to venture out again.  Can’t say I blame them really.  My son is upstairs playing with his trainset and I’m actually enjoying a few minutes peace before I crack on with the mountain of blog work that’s been building up over the last few weeks.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing.

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  1. What pretty nails.
    We did a couple of days with no school work but my girls have been doing a little, just to keep them busy.
    Well done with the hair cutting.
    It looks like your son has been having great time in the garden. It sounds like a good idea to stop him. I suspect he could have dug the whole garden up. hehehe
    The caterpillars really are growing fast. x

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