Project 366 2020 Week 18

Project 366 2020 Week 18

Project 366 2020 Week 18 Day 117 – 123 Another week of lockdown and school at home for my son.  The weather changed and we got to see April showers for the first time

Sunday 26th April – Day 117

Project 366 2020 Week 18

Another gorgeous day so we spent most of it in the garden, playing games and chilling out.

We have a family zoom call every Sunday afternoon now and after that, I cracked on with cooking Sunday dinner.

Monday 27th April – Day 118

Project 366 2020 Week 18

After I’d finished work we started on a review build, more on that to come in the weeks ahead.

My son is spending every spare minute on building Lego creations at the moment.  Today he built a restaurant complete with bar and social distanced tables.

Tuesday 28th April – Day 119

Project 366 2020 Week 18

The lovely weather is well and truly over but we were determined to get out for a walk anyway.  Even when my son moans about the idea, once we’re outside he’s soon chatting away again.

He liked the idea of creating some bunting for VE Day, so I downloaded a free template from Twinkl and we spent time colouring them in together.  He had some ribbon so once we’d finished he stuck them to it and then I was instructed to hang them up in our living room.

Wednesday 29th April – Day 120

Project 366 2020 Week 18

There are days when even trying to get my son to try with the set English and Maths work from school is challenging.  Poetry and my son was always going to be interesting and a call from his teacher came in just at the right time.  He’s now agreed to look on the class blog and talk a little bit on there.  He’s really missing being in a class environment and the idea sharing that that offers.  He is not liking the fact that I’m having to work at all.  It’s not easy even when I’m trying to be more relaxed about it all.

We went out for our daily exercise, dodging the rain and enjoying the colour we found along the way.

My alcohol intake is definitely increasing.  My son talks, shouts, makes noise constantly.  14 hours a day, every day for six weeks and it’s taking its toll on me.  I have a pretty much continuous headache now and am absolutely shattered by mid-afternoon.  A glass of wine in the evening is very much needed!

Thursday 30th April – Day 121

Project 366 2020 Week 18

More rain, both cats had been out most of the night and there was no way they were going back out in the rain.  How Paddington can sleep in this position is beyond me.

Friday 1st May – Day 122

Project 366 2020 Week 18

Not sure how much French work is getting done here!

I should have been going up to the Peak District today with my best friend for a long weekend, our first holiday together in years.  Instead, I’ll be staying at home.

Saturday 2nd May – Day 123

Project 366 2020 Week 18

Had a long phone call with my bestie wishing we were both seeing the view from Mam Tor today.

There was much excitement though as our butterflies started emerging this morning.  In the space of time, it took me to make a cup of tea the third one arrived and by this afternoon all five were stretching their wings and settling into their home for the next couple of days.  We’ve left sugar water for them to drink.

In the afternoon we got the OS map out again and explored another footpath on our doorstep.  It might not have been the view I’d been expecting with my friend but Oxfordshire was looking lovely in the sunshine this afternoon.

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  1. A couple of months ago I’d never heard of Zoom and now my family use it on a daily basis. So lovely you can have a family chat every Sunday.
    The bunting sounds like a great idea to make. I am thinking about getting my girls to make some.
    Fab photos x

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