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Project 366 2020 Week 20

Project 366 2020 Week 20 Day 131 – 137 Another week of lockdown and school at home for my son and the week we got to meet our neighbour’s first baby – from a social distance of course.

Sunday 10th May – Day 131

Project 366 2020 Week 20

We reviewed some Chalkola pens ages ago and they are still going strong.  We used them for our VE Day window decorations and today my son wanted to use them to put down some of his thoughts.  Seemed like a good idea to me.

He also enjoyed making a Lego tram complete with overhead power lines – love his imagination.

Monday 11th May – Day 132

Project 366 2020 Week 20

School at home – it’s not going well here.  English is a nightmare.  So I called time on school early today.  My son has recently discovered a load of Lego movies on YouTube so I suggested he try making his own with my old Ipad Mini.  That was it, he’s created his own production company and made seem great little stop motion animations.  It’s given him the boost he needed and restored some harmony to our household.

Tuesday 12th May – Day 133

Tuxedo cat

After school and work was done for the day we spent time in the garden.  Brewster sat and watched from my son’s mud pit as we tried to cut back some of the ivy that’s taking over our back fence.

It’s a year today since we lost my best friend’s partner.  So many happy memories but it’s so hard not to be physically there to help my friend at the moment, she feels so very alone right now.

Wednesday 13th May – Day 134

Banana bread

It was my time for a meltdown day, probably helped along by hormones, but it all just got too much.  Some afternoon baking was required.

We also made some masks from old socks just in case we need them, a depressing thought in itself.

Thursday 14th May – Day 135

Tuxedo cats

These two have moments where they actually seem to be getting on.  It’s only taken a year.

The sun shone as we queued to go shopping and my son was actually in a good mood which made the whole experience slightly less stressful.  It’s ok standing outside in the sunshine for longer than it takes to do a weekly shop in weather like this, but what it will be like in October and November ……. not a pleasant thought.

Clapping for carers tonight, we opened our front door to see my neighbour holding his baby daughter.  It was a lovely surprise as we’d not ‘seen’ them since she was born on Saturday. Mum had a caesarian but looked fantastic considering they’re only getting three hours sleep at a time.  It was a lovely way to end the day and we all forgot to clap in the excitement.

Friday 15th May – Day 136

Project 366 2020 Week 20

Another day and another Lego creation.

After dinner, we went for another local walk and enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.  In the evening I introduced him to Cats the Musical which was free to watch for 24 hours on YouTube.  It’s a show I’ve seen a number of times in the theatre and actually I think it probably works better live than it does on screen.

Saturday 16th May – Day 137

Project 366 2020 Week 20

This chap was meant to be spending time with his Dad this morning so I could get on with some much-neglected blog work and have some peace for a few hours.  But he wouldn’t go, so we came to a compromise and he played upstairs whilst I worked downstairs.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. What a good idea for your boy to put some thoughts down on the window.
    Oh no, sorry you are not having much fun with the home schooling. It sounds like your son is doing a lot of learning without the English work. Making stop animations sounds like great fun.
    That looks like a fantastic train track set up x

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