Farmoor Reservoir

Project 366 2020 Week 22

Project 366 2020 Week 22 Day 145 – 151 Another week of lockdown, half-term for my son and a week mainly off work for me.

Sunday 24th May – Day 145

Project 366 2020 Week 22

Daddy P drove us out of Bicester for the first time in over two months to visit the nature reserve at Calvert.  We’d never been before and it was lovely.  Loads of damselflies and butterflies flying around, and it was just felt so good to be out for a few hours.  The bird hides were shut but still a lovely walk.

My son found a substitute tree for ‘his tree’ at Stowe.  Everyone was happy.

Monday 25th May – Day 146

Souldern Viaduct

Bank Holiday and we decided to do a walk that I’d bookmarked a couple of years ago to take in views of Souldern Viaduct.  It was a great walk and my son got to see a number of trains too.  We walked over a swing bridge across the Oxford canal and it felt like a proper adventure.

Tuesday 26th May – Day 147

Oxford Canal

I’ve got a few days off and it’s meant to be half-term.  We got up early and headed to Kirtlington Quarry before it got too busy.  We had a good explore and walked along the canal to Pigeon Lock at which point my son suggested walking further so we did, and ended up in Tackley at the train station.  We saw a couple of trains and headed back round in a loop, another 7 km walk done.

Wednesday 27th May – Day 148

Farmoor Reservoir

We got up early again and headed over to Farmoor Reservoir for a few hours.  It’s somewhere we’ve not been before and we couldn’t have picked a better day for our first visit.  There are two reservoirs to walk around and they had toilets which were actually open!!  There’s also a nature walk to explore along the canal but my son couldn’t be convinced to try that too.  Something for another time.

Thursday 28th May – Day 149

Project 366 2020 Week 22

We’d agreed to have a day at home and after lunch, I got the paddling pool out for the first time this year.  My son had great fun although it became apparent that we have a puncture in the lower ring which we can’t fix until we take all the water out again.

The last clap for carers at 8 pm, ten weeks and it will seem strange not to stand on our doorstep next week.

From Monday we are now allowed to meet up in groups of six outdoors but must still stay 2 metres apart.  I think we will just carry on as we are for now.

Friday 29th May – Day 150

Sleeping cat

I had to work for two hours this morning and my son announced that it was going to be a pjs day, so I’ve got no chance of getting him out for a walk now this afternoon.

We bought a little kennel for the back garden ages ago so the cats could shelter from the rain, but this week they’ve decided it’s a sunshade instead and have taken turns in sleeping in it.  Today has been Brewster’s turn.

Saturday 30th May – Day 151

Tuxedo cat

Another scorcher of a day.  The cats are seeking shade wherever they can find it and we’ve been getting jobs done.  Our front hedge was in desperate need of attention.

It’s also my Uncle’s 75th birthday today.  At one point last year I wasn’t too sure we’d get to celebrate it, but thankfully he’s doing ok and a family zoom call is the best way to celebrate at the moment.

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Glad to hear your uncle’s doing ok. You look like you’ve had some lovely walks out. We’ve not been anywhere off the farm apart from N to other fields to help out, and me to the local village shop.

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