Project 366 2020 Week 24

Project 366 2020 Week 24

Project 366 2020 Week 24 Day 159 – 165 Another week of lockdown, getting the OH used to the fact he needs to share more of the load and some social distancing meetups with friends.

Sunday 7th June – Day 159

Project 366 2020 Week 24

My son decided he wanted to spend time working out the weights of different objects and it kept him occupied for ages with our old bathroom scales.

In the afternoon we zoomed with the family and my brother played quiz master as we got Mum and Dad to play Mr and Mrs ahead of their wedding anniversary later in the week.

Monday 8th June – Day 160

Project 366 2020 Week 24

Work and school and then I got to go shopping by myself for the first time in three months.  It was bliss!

Tuesday 9th June – Day 161

Project 366 2020 Week 24

The OH got to ‘enjoy’ school at home for the day while I cracked on with work and all the other home jobs that normally, magically just get done.  I think it gave him a little insight into just how challenging the last three months have been.

After I finished work my son and I headed out to our local park.  We met up with his best friend, mum and older brother.  Special friends who we’ve both really missed seeing every day

Wednesday 10th June – Day 162

Project 366 2020 Week 24

Mum and Dad’s 53rd wedding anniversary.  I envy friends who have been able to have socially distanced meetups with their family over the last week.  Not sure when we’ll be able to do that with them as transport issues stand.  But they are safe and well and for that I am grateful.

After work, I got to enjoy some me time and went for an 8km walk with one of my NCT group.  We were so lucky with the weather as it absolutely poured down not too long after I got home.

Thursday 11th June – Day 163

Project 366 2020 Week 24

Uncle S’s funeral, at last.  The OH lost his Uncle to Covid-19 on 4th May and it’s been a long wait for his cousin to be able to arrange his funeral.  So today the OH went down to Hertfordshire for the service, only ten people allowed, whilst my son and I watched the live streaming from home. Funerals are never easy, but honestly, it was a heartbreaking experience to watch people you care about in that situation, having to social distance when they are obviously distressed.  It’s not the way that any of us would have wanted to say goodbye. I hope that no one else I know has to go through this.  Horrid.

Friday 12th June – Day 164

Project 366 2020 Week 24

This photo sums up how we were feeling today!

I got a call from my best friend in the evening.  I had been meant to be going up to see her tomorrow for some social distanced time together outdoors.  The forecast had been for pouring rain and thunderstorms so we’d postponed.  But today the forecast changed completely.  Get your walking boots on and come up in the morning was the message.

Saturday 13th June – Day 165

Highland cattle

I got up early, drove to the petrol station for the first time since March and drove up the motorway to Derbyshire.  Again, something I’ve not done for three months.  The traffic was definitely quieter than I’m used to which made the journey easier.  The sun shone, I had a cuppa in my friend’s garden before we headed off on a new walk she’s discovered recently.  We found a nice spot by a brook to stop for our lunch and were chatting away when I looked up to discover this Highland cattle bull was listening in to our conversation.  I’d only got my mobile with me for photos and I didn’t fancy getting too close with those horns.  He needed to come into our field for us to be able to get into his and continue our walk.  Thankfully we all survived the experience and it gave us something else to laugh about.  We had a lovely day, but all too soon it was time for me to head back down the motorway.

When I got home I’d had a delivery from Amazon, the OH has bought me the 600mm lens for my camera I’ve been lusting after for years.  A ‘thank you for putting up with all sorts of **** over the last eighteen months’ present. Probably a bit extravagant given our current financial situation but nice to have it to play with.  Could have done with it to take a photo of the bull!!

What have you been up to this week?

1 thought on “Project 366 2020 Week 24

  1. Oh! How lovely to get out and do some shopping alone. I went the local shop yesterday and it was lovely even though I was still stressing a little.
    I am glad your husband is starting to realise how all the jobs around the house get done.
    Oh no! Sending love and hugs. So sorry about your Uncle S. Funerals are never easy but social distanced one’s sound truly awful.
    So lovely that you got to meet up with your friend and well done your hubby for buying the new lens. Have fun with it x

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