Running at Stourhead

Project 366 2020 Week 28

Project 366 2020 Week 28 Day 187 – 193  Another week of getting used to the new normal, and a week where we managed a National Trust visit, a social distanced catch up with a couple of friends and went to our favourite zoo

Sunday 5th July – Day 187

Running at Stourhead

We headed down to Wiltshire for our second visit to Stourhead and it didn’t disappoint. There is a one-way system in place but it didn’t impact our visit and a lot of the time we felt as if we had the place to ourselves.

On our way home, we popped in to see my oldest friend and her family for a socially distanced cuppa in her garden.  My son is her godson and he was thrilled to receive some Lego that her daughter had grown out of.  Even though it was late by the time we got home, he insisted on building the set before bedtime.

Monday 6th July – Day 188

Amur Tiger

In the normal world, today should have been an inset day and as I’d got the day off, we stuck with it.  I’d managed to get us tickets to Whipsnade Zoo, and we were there as soon as the doors opened.  The first stop was the giraffe house and my son was thrilled that we were the first visitors to reach there.  He’s missed seeing his giraffes over the last four months. I’d taken my new 600mm lens to try out for the first time, and had to hope the shots were coming out ok.  I was really pleased when I checked them out this evening.

Tuesday 7th July – Day 189

Stowe Landscape Gardens

My son had to join in a year group Maths lesson on Zoom this morning.  It was a disaster really. My son refused to have his face showing so we turned the video off, but he wouldn’t join in anyway.  I guess the reality is that he wouldn’t volunteer information in his own class, it was highly unlikely he would with three classes.  I had hoped that seeing lots of familiar faces might help but it didn’t.

After I finished work we headed over to Stowe again.  I’d managed to get 2.30pm entry tickets this week so we knew we’d got loads of time.  It was obvious numbers had increased from last week so we took a route away from the crowds and felt as if we had the place to ourselves again.

Wednesday 8th July – Day 190

Cogges Farm farmhouse

After I’d finished work we headed over to Cogges Farm in Witney to meet Suzanne from Chickenruby for an overdue catch-up.  It’s somewhere for some reason we’ve not visited before, the weather wasn’t very kind to us but it was nice to see her and Bob the dog, for a few hours.

Thursday 9th July – Day 191

Project 366 2020 Week 28

I had lots of paperwork to sort out to help my uncle sell my auntie’s flat.  Once that was done and work was finished for the day, it was time for Lego building with my son.

We had a bit of company for dinner after we’d finally watched the Austrian Grand Prix.

Friday 10th July – Day 192

Project 366 2020 Week 28

Today we said goodbye to the son of family friends.  He didn’t feel able to stay anymore, and it’s so terribly sad as he was clearly so well thought of in his community.  Another virtual funeral service for us.  I can’t imagine the pain his family is going through right now.  As kids, he and his sister were like cousins to us, and I cannot imagine a life without my own brother in it.

My son admired our latest photo canvas addition – more on that next week.

Late afternoon I headed up to Derbyshire to stay with my best friend for the night.  She’s in our family bubble now. We chatted into the early hours and just enjoyed being together.

Saturday 11th July – Day 193

Highland Cattle

We headed out for one of our favourite eight-mile walks after a bit of a lie-in!  We had a bit of company along the way, the calf was hiding in the bushes. After a late lunch, it was time to head home and see what the menfolk had been up to overnight.

What have you been up to this week?

5 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 28

  1. It sounds like a really fun week with lots of days out.
    The photo of the tiger is amazing.
    Ahh! My youngest has been the same with her Zoom lessons she will just leave if the teacher asks her to put the camera on. Ugh!
    I am so sorry about your friends son. Sending love and hugs. x

  2. The National Trust visits sound exciting! I’d love to go there someday. Great click of the tiger. I haven’t seen a giraffe in years! It is quite uncomfortable when you woke up for class and you have to turn the camera on. OoOoO Grand Prix! So nice to meet fellow project 365ers. May he rest in peace. What a great click of your son. The calves look amazing

  3. Great to meet up with you both again also. That canvas is lovely. Hope the virtual funeral went as well as it could have, such difficult times for everyone, love and hugs

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