Boy in a tree trunk

Project 366 2020 Week 3

Project 366 2020 Week 3 Day 12-18 – a week of rain, wind and a little sunshine too.

Sunday 12th January – Day 12

Boy in a tree trunk

We had planned to go to the coast but I wasn’t feeling 100% still so we stayed inland and headed to Hanbury Hall.  It was our first visit so my son got another stamp in his second National Trust passport.  We had a great time and its somewhere we will go back to again in the future.

We weren’t far from Croome and we didn’t know about the NT passports then, so we popped in for a quick walk and to get that stamp too.

Monday 13th January – Day 13

Ripped coat sleeve

My son had a fight with a nail in a wall at Hanbury Hall yesterday and the nail one.  I totally forgot to look at it when we got home, and only remembered before school this morning.  Time for a quick sewing repair job before school.

I had some sad news relating to a member of my ‘ex-family’ which means I’ll be starting 2020 with another funeral.

Tuesday 14th January – Day 14

Cat face

Paddington still attacks Brewster at every opportunity unfortunately and for once Brewster fought back, scratched nose alert.  Not that it’s stopped anything.

The weather was awful all day, raining and high winds, but my son wasn’t fazed by any of it and loved his first Forest Foragers session with the school.  He ‘forgot’ to put his waterproof trousers on so I was amazed that his school trousers survived the experience.  I’ve sent a message into school to make sure he’s reminded in future!

Wednesday 15th January – Day 15

Lego train track layout

I realised this morning that my son’s passport runs out in a couple of weeks – eek!!!  Mine runs out in August too, so I thought we’d better get them renewed pronto.  The online application accepted his photo without any problems, but doesn’t like mine, either the ones he took for me, or the multiple ones I took this afternoon.  Plan B required.

My son spends every afternoon after school coming up with redesigns for his train track, or enhancements.  No space for us anymore.

Thursday 16th January – Day 16

Project 366 2020 Week 3

My son is such a slow reader, he’s still on the book we started in September, but most mornings he will actually read a few pages.  I take whatever I can get.  This morning he decided to read all about grammar in the pages of his reading diary instead.

Smear test time again for me.  Never a joy, but a necessity in my books and it only takes a couple of minutes.  It will now be five years before I get called back again as I’m over fifty.

My boss took a couple of photos of me but the online passport application software still didn’t like them.  Grrr!  So I bit the bullet and went into the local photo shop and got them to take some instead.  They sent the digital copies to my email address.  Went home, downloaded the zip file but the actual images wouldn’t open.  Honestly, I’m doomed.  A couple of hours later and they’d resolved the issue and it looks as if my application is finally going through ok.

Friday 17th January – Day 17

Project 366 2020 Week 3

The start of a blue sky day which beats the awful weather we’ve had this week.

One of those days where nothing much else happens really.

Saturday 18th January – Day 18

Project 366 2020 Week 3

A chilled day with brunch and housework to do and a game of Bugs in the Kitchen with quite a few ‘bugs’ from the look of things!

We also spent time deciding on tomorrow’s adventure.

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27 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 3

  1. It sounds like you had a great day out visiting the National Trust places.
    So sorry about your loss. A funeral isn’t a good way to start the year.
    Good on Brewster for fighting back against Paddington. It doesn’t sound like it’s changed anything.
    It sounds like the Forest Foragers session went well apaprt from the trouser situation.
    Your son’s train track looks fantastic.
    I have my smear test next week. Ugh! Not my favourite thing to do but it is needed. x

  2. You raise a very good point on the passports I must check ours. Sorry your photo took so much effort, I am sure they make it difficult on purposes. I am also sorry to hear about the funeral. Glad he had a great time in the forest, lets hope they remind them of the trousers next time. My eldest would also forget. Hope you have a great adventure tomorrow x

  3. Cat scratches on noses, poor thing. I guess they aren’t great fans of each other? Our two get into scraps every now and then, well our girl bullies our boy daily but when she goes too far he whoops her butt! Smear tests are the one thing I will actively argue with my girlfriends about when I find out they are overdue. Where I live now they do them annually along with breast check. It was a surprise when I got a telling off 2 years ago because I hadn’t been since moving here. Even though I had my NHS letter which dated when my next one would have been in the UK! My OBGYN literally pointed his finger at me as he told me off!
    Forest Foragers sounds really interesting, hope he remembers to protect his school trousers next time!

  4. love that you have nurtured such an outdoor loving child. He must have been rather uncomfortable in soggy wet trousers.
    Oops at the tear in the jacket.
    think you need to add a train room onto the house,

  5. The passport picture thing sounds particularly frustrating – that sort of thing always adds to my stress levels. Bugs in the Kitchen has been a popular game here too.

  6. Sorry to hear about the bad news from your ‘ex family’. Poor Paddington with his scratched nose! I love all of your son’s tracks. It’s great that he’s reading regularly, even if it does take him a long time.

  7. Lovely to get some outdoor adventures in, despite the atrocious weather – it’s been pouring hard here too, usually just as I head off to the bus stop to go to work ! Ahhh Bugs in the Kitchen – haven’t played that one for a while !

  8. So sorry to hear about the sad news from your ‘ex family’. Love the photo of your son at Hanbury Hall with his stick and the one of him with his train tracks. Trying to get your photos sorted for your passport application sounded very frustrating. Glad you managed to get there in the end! #Project366

  9. Can’t believe he forgot to put on his waterproofs. You’d think he’d remember that he had them, but also that the school checked everyone was wearing them!
    I’m impressed he’ll do some reading. N hasn’t read anything at home (other than essential things like a box/instructions) since Christmas when he did read 21 pages a day to finish a book (that was his only homework). His friend’s dad didn’t believe me when I said he wouldn’t read anything other than school books. But then he reads with his kids daily, and the OH won’t, so it’s not surprising. Research says boys whose dads don’t read with them, struggle more with reading. N’s reading is fine now (despite his lack of doing it), but his comprehension is not a strong point in comparison. So frustrating when they don’t enjoy reading isn’t it.

  10. Wow the train looks like it’s taken over the front room again. Sad news re the funeral, will you be going? The passport sounds a hassle, the youngest had a similar problem with his photo, took several attempts

  11. I haven’t got a passport and neither have the kids but would like one. I went to the PO to get my driving licence pic and they were fab. #project366

  12. Sorry to hear about the news from your ex family

    I have never tried to take the photo myself. Get the photos done and ask for a digital code. The online system is quite straightforward. Just did my dads and the passport was here in a week!

  13. When I saw the first photo, I thought you were in the Blenheim park, they have some hollowed out trunks, which look beautiful. Sorry to hear about your sad news. I need to renew my passport which expired a month ago. I think I’ll go to the shop to have photos done, as we don’t have a light surface to use as a background.
    Hope Monkey continues reading. Even a slow progress is better than nothing.

  14. Sorry about the bad news and the passport photos. We had the same with M’s last year, total faff to get them right and sent off. I reckon he and your son would get on, we currently have a lego castle taking over most of my living room and it’s not getting smaller as he plots

  15. It sounds like you had a great day out visiting the National Trust places. We do enjoy that. I am sorry about your loss. A funeral isn’t a good way to start the year. It does seem to be worse this time of year. Your son’s train track looks fantastic x

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