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Project 366 2020 Week 32

Project 366 2020 Week 32 Day 215 – 221 Another week of getting used to the new normal, someone enters our house for the first time since February.

Sunday 2nd August – Day 215

Wightwick Manor

My son loves steam trains as you all know.  We see the loco Wightwick Hall all the time when we visit Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and he decided he wanted to see the place the loco was named after.  So off to Wightwick Manor we went!  An NT property we’ve not been to before but sadly you still can’t get your passports stamped and the house itself is closed.  But the gardens were nice and we’d definitely revisit when the house can be viewed properly.

After our picnic, we headed to Ironbridge to see the fully restored bridge.  Parking is free at the moment but it got too busy with people being idiotic about distancing so we decided to call it a day earlier than we would have liked.

Monday 3rd August – Day 216

Project 366 2020 Week 32

The start of one having one job again.  More Lego building going on.

Tuesday 4th August – Day 217

Project 366 2020 Week 32

British Gas was booked in to service our boiler today between 8-1 and the guy arrived just after 8 am which was great timewise.  No waiting in all day.  It did feel very strange having someone else in our house and I was quite happy when he left! A relief that the boiler is still ok – it’s as old as the house.

My son went off with his Dad while I got some shopping done and I got to enjoy a cuppa in the garden in peace when I got home – bliss.

In the evening my ex-boss from job two popped over to pick up the work laptop and phone and delivered some flowers and a bottle of wine which was a lovely surprise.  I might have had a glass or two after she’d left.

Wednesday 5th August – Day 218

Brill Windmill

A busy morning at work, home to do the last hour from here, made lunch and then we headed over to Quainton to renew our local’s annual pass.  We spent some time looking at the trains and got to see a freight train on the mainline which is a rare sight.  On the way home, we diverted to Brill to see the windmill and blow away some cobwebs for an hour.

In the evening we heard the awful news that one of our neighbours had been killed on his motorbike on Monday.  His little girl is only 7, there are no words for how we all feel right now.

Thursday 6th August – Day 219

Charlecote Park

A few jobs to do in the morning at home and then after lunch, we headed to Charlecote Park to catch up with friends.  The weather was up and down and my lasting memory of the afternoon is the amount of sheep poo that was everywhere.  I don’t remember it being like that on previous visits or perhaps I’ve just been blind to it!

Friday 7th August – Day 220

Project 366 2020 Week 32


Work and later in the afternoon we headed over to see my brother on his 50th birthday.  What a scorcher – 43 degrees recorded in the garden at 12.30 pm. By the time we drove over to my brother’s it was rather cloudy and a tad cooler, but not much.  We zoomed the rest of the family in Kent and Spain and just had a nice time together.

Saturday 8th August – Day 221

Project 366 2020 Week 32

A house sorting day as we’re having our double glazing sorted out on Monday and Tuesday next week.  Our spare room has been a dumping ground for years and I’ve just shut the door on it rather than dealing with it.  But today was the day that we had to clear it, at least enough for the window to be replaced on Monday.  It took all morning and in fairness, we’ve just moved stuff to store it somewhere else for a few days.  But the curtains have been washed and a ton of paperwork has also been sorted, filled or bagged for shredding.  Lesson learned though – never sort things with a ten-year-old around – every time I put something in the get rid of pile, he took it back out.  A project to complete when he’s back at school!

The OH then tackled the shrubs which have gone mad in our front garden on the front wall, so the fitters can access that area easily too.  Tomorrow we’ve just got to take blinds down and persuade the Lego builder to box up his creations and we are ready.

What have you been up to this week?|

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26 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 32

  1. Your son would love my friends train set, the kids are helping him design and create the landscape which they are loving. Looks like you enjoyed some lovely days out

  2. It sounds like you had a good time at Wightwick Manor. It sounds like it’s worth a trip back.
    That’s good news that your boiler is still OK.
    That is awful news about your neighbour. So sorry.
    It has been scorching! Happy birthday to your brother. x

  3. Sounds like a good week with lots fitted in. Wightwick Manor looks lovely!

    So nice of your ex boss to give gifts.

    I have my boiler being serviced next week and will be strange to have a stranger in the house.

  4. Shame about the crowds at Ironbridge. It sounds like so many places just have too many people at the moment, and that people aren’t taking care. Frustrating.

    I need to get someone in to fix our oven. It’s not been working for a year, but now the aga isn’t hot enough to properly cook in, I really need the electric working again. It will be weird having someone in the house, especially when I’m there. Usually I’m out at work and the workmen who come are people the OH or inlaws know, but think this will have to be someone I find.

    1. I think you stand a better chance with ticketed places than visiting ‘places’ if that makes sense. I think we will be spending a lot of time at Stowe really, we know where to go to get away from everyone there if it does feel too busy.

  5. Wightwick is lovely inside (one of my favourites) so you must go back and see that, although the guided tour is quite long for kids I find. What a pity about Ironbridge being so busy!

  6. Lovely to see you getting out and about. It’s a real shame when there are too many people about, especially if they don’t respect social distancing. Glad your boiler was OK and I hope the double glazing goes well too.

  7. lots of lovely day trips and I bet Thursday was the best one lol. Glad the windows are sorted along with the boiler and how lovely to receive the flowers and wine

  8. How lovely to visit the manor even if you couldn’t go in. I will plan a trip to the railway centre as Matt is train obsessed again at the moment… #project366

  9. Wightwick looks amazing. The Lego railway looks great so far. It does feel strange when someone else enters the house and feel relieved when they leave. Fancy windmill. Oh God, that’s terrible. May he rest in peace. This week has been quite cloudy. Very fancy thermometer.

  10. Sorry to hear about your neighbour – so sad. Sounds like you had a week full of adventures. I have also tried to declutter with a child helping and get nowhere! So lovely do your old boss to drop flowers by.

  11. Sorry to hear about your neighbour, that’s so very sad. Looks like you’ve been enjoying getting out and about although the temperature in your brother’s garden was crazy. I’ve not heard of Wightwick Manor – it looks like an interesting place. We asked about getting our passport stamped at Hughenden today – they weren’t stamping passports there but were stamping on a small piece of paper instead that we could stick inside the passport. Not sure if other places are doing the same. #project366

  12. That is really lovely that your boss gave you a gift, nice to feel appreciated! So so sorry to hear about your neighbour. Heartbreaking news. Glad you managed to get the room sorted in time for the double glazing. Paperwork soon builds up doesn’t it. My youngest always wants to help when I start going through things too but I tend to make such a mess its easier having less of us involved.

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