Cobi tank

Project 366 2020 Week 36-38

Project 366 2020 Week 36-38 Day 243-263 Back to school and an acute kidney infection with added chest infection which put me out of action for nearly two weeks.

Sunday 30th August – Day 243

Cobi tank

A quiet day at home and my son built the Cobi tank set he’d bought at The Tank Museum last week.

Monday 31st August – Day 244

Project 366 2020 Week 36

Bank Holiday Monday which was spent at home.  I was on the cranberry juice trying to get rid of a water infection.

Tuesday 1st September – Day 245

Project 366 2020 Week 36

Last day of the holidays for my son.  Should have been the day we flew back from Spain.

I went to bed early feeling a bit unwell.

Wednesday 2nd September – Day 246

Project 366 2020 Week 36

The first day of Year Six and I was meant to be on holiday, having my hair cut and having some me-time at Stowe.

I’m not sure how I got my son to school, I’d had a really bad night, terrific pain in my lower back and raging temperature to go with it (not COVID).  I collapsed in a heap when I got home, woke up and rang the doctors.  Six hours later they rang back and confirmed that I had an acute kidney infection.  I’ve had water infections over the years but nothing like this.  Totally debilitating.

Thursday 3rd September – Day 247

No photo today

Friday 4th September – Day 248

No photo today

Saturday 5th September – Day 249

No photo today.  As well as dealing with the kidney infection, I now have a chest infection to match.  Can’t remember the last time I felt this poorly to be frank.

Sunday 6th September – Day 250

Project 366 2020 Week 37

Paddington was just as worn out as I was today.

Monday 7th September – Day 251

No photo today

Tuesday 8th September – Day 252

Project 366 2020 Week 37

We’d ordered a new bedframe and bedside cabinets a month ago and they’d been booked in for delivery today.  Thankfully the OH was around to deal with it all whilst I crashed out on the sofa.

Wednesday 9th September – Day 253

Project 366 2020 Week 37

My son’s been brilliant recently, he’s been left to his own devices a lot as I’ve been so poorly.  Thankfully Lego has come into its own once again.

I did go to work first thing but I was soon sent home as I’m still far from being right.

Thursday 10th September – Day 254

Project 366 2020 Week 37

Two’s company and three is a crowd – no room on the bed for me – it’s my bed!

Friday 11th September – Day 255

Project 366 2020 Week 37

Paddington kept me company, snoozing away.  Last of my antibiotics today, I stayed at home and slept a lot.

Saturday 12th September – Day 256

Project 366 2020 Week 37

It’s amazing that a cardboard box still attracts my son like a magnet.  He was playing for ages, making peepholes and climbing in and out of his cave.  It was lovely to watch.

Sunday 13th September – Day 257

Project 366 2020 Week 38

I have hardly left the house this month, so some fresh air was much called for.  We headed to Princes Risborough to walk the other end of the Phoenix Trail, that we’d started during the lockdown.  We had underestimated how much more of the trail we had to complete so I was shattered by the time we got back to the car, but it did me good to get out for a few hours.

Monday 14th September – Day 258

Project 366 2020 Week 38

Back to work and although I’m still rather tired, I feel so much better than I have done thankfully.

After work, I went round to my friend’s house and we walked into town to have lunch in the beer garden of a local hotel.  We had the garden to ourselves for most of the time and our wraps were delicious.  It was a lovely warm day too, and nice to just chill out, doing something a little normal with a good friend.

Tuesday 15th September – Day 259

Project 366 2020 Week 38

I went into work to make up some of the hours I’ve had off sick over the last two weeks, I don’t get paid if I’m off sick and haven’t been earning enough to qualify for SSP.

We’ve started to discuss me working more hours taking on more of the office admin tasks from the owner, and I’m going to be working for her for four days a week during school hours from next week.

The patio door is turning into a bit of a saga.  When it was fitted in August there was a manufacturing issue with it and we were told that new doors would need to be made and refitted.  This would take a few weeks, we had to ‘help’ the door to open and close.  Not an issue if it would be sorted quickly.  What has been an issue is the door latch.  The latch needs to be pushed down and then the key turned to lock, then turn the key the other way, and push the latch up to open.  Sounds simple.  My son hasn’t been able to move the latch at all, and it takes me a good 5-6 attempts to open and close it on a good day.  Frustrating but we’ve lived with it as the doors were going to be replaced.  But it’s been over a month, still nothing from the company, so the OH got on the phone.  A team came out, took the doors apart, reassembled and it looked as if all the issues had been sorted.  The door now runs smoothly on the runner, it’s really easy to push the latch up to open the door, but within a few attempts it has become practically impossible to lock the door as even the OH now can’t lock it either.

Wednesday 16th September – Day 260

Project 366 2020 Week 38

Lovely sunny day.  School for my son and work for me.  The last Wednesday I’ll be working for the next few months at least.

The patio door latch has been fixed, hopefully for the last time.  Such a simple thing which you’d take for granted, nice not to have to battle with it anymore.

Thursday 17th September – Day 261

Paladian Bridge at Stowe

My last Thursday not working for a while and I got myself a ticket to Stowe in the morning to have the me-time I’d missed out on at the start of the month.  I managed to get a ticket for opening time and had the place practically to myself which was lovely.

After school my son had an optician’s appointment, he was a bit reluctant to go with the new normal, but it’s important he gets them checked in my opinion.

Friday 18th September – Day 262

Project 366 2020 Week 38

Another lovely sunny day, a tad chilly first thing, but by the time I finished work at 12 it was fab.

Vet’s for Brewster in the afternoon for his annual booster and general MOT.  All ok and he’s put 500g on since he was really ill earlier in the year, which is encouraging. He’s got a bit of a reputation at the Vet’s and it’s clear they have something on their system as these days their first comment is always, he can be rather feisty, can’t he.  Brewster is a biter, and he’ll hold on tight.  Thankfully today he behaved himself, sulked with me for a couple of hours when we got home but then forgave me and fell asleep on my lap, which is rather unusual for him.

Saturday 19th September – Day 263

Project 366 2020 Week 38

I did actually mean to take a photo of a car today, but the business card will have to do instead.  We went to look at cars today, to get an idea of what I can get with my inheritance money.  I wanted to get a Golf when I got divorced but talked myself out of it as my car wasn’t very old then and I did the sensible thing and put the money into the house I bought instead. But my car is on its last legs now, I have an inheritance that I never expected and for an amount of money, I could never have hoped for.  I went to the garage with a Polo in mind but I’m going to be test-driving that and a Golf tomorrow, the more I think about it, the more the bigger space seems to make sense.  So I’m now thinking to buy an older car (none would be brand new anyway) but get a Golf.  We will see what I think after the test drives.  Either way, it’s a lot of money and I’m actually not very good at spending money on myself. But to have a car with working heating this winter would be nice.

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28 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 36-38

  1. Oh no, it sounds like you haven’t been well at all. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.
    I hope your son has settled in back at school OK.
    That’s great news about you working more hours.
    How frustrating about the patio door. Hopefully it will stay fixed now. x

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Sounds like you had a right time of it. Exciting buying a new car. I used inheritance to get mine too. Congrats on the extra hours for the job. Guess it’ll be easier just working at the one job compared with before managing 2. N has an ooticiqns test booked too, but I want to get him in somewhere else for a private visual stress test too. That opticiqns aren’t relkying to my queries Simon will hqve to ring.

  3. How exciting a new car. Glad you’re feeling better now and you’re back to work. Shame about the holiday but trust me, you really don’t want to get on a plane right now. Lovely bed, good job the other half was there to sort it while you were otherwise occupied. Hope you get the doors fixed, that’s so bloody annoying

  4. Sorry that you have been unwell. That kidney infection sounds nasty and then getting a chest infection on top of it is horrible. I’m glad that you are feeling better now and that your son has been brilliant throughout and coped well with being left to his own devices. I love that he spent ages playing with a cardboard box. Amazing how much room cats can take up when they spread themselves out on the bed! Glad you have been enjoying getting out and about again and that the patio door has finally been fixed. Good luck with getting a new car. #project366

  5. I totally feel your pain, kidney infections are horrible. Having been hospitalized previously, I am more prepared these days and have the antibiotics to hand in case I ever feel one coming on. Kidney pain is the worst but hope you are fully recovered now! That hotel lunch looks amazing, what a fabulous portion and glad to hear you got out with a buddy and enjoyed some time out! Car shopping is super exciting, can’t wait to see what you got! Hope you are having a lovely week! Sim x

  6. Sorry to hear you have been poorly. I keep getting water infections too, apparently its common at our age. Your little man doesn’t look very little anymore

  7. Sorry that you have been unwell. I know all too well what a kidney infection is like, I feel your pain, but that on top of a chest infection is awful. Really hope it eases up. Can’t beat a cardboard box for fun. Good luck with getting a new car xx

  8. Sorry to hear you have been so poorly! Hope you are fully better soon.

    What a nightmare re the door latch…glad its finally sorted.

    Good luck with the car shopping

  9. Awww sorry to hear you’ve been feeling under the weather. Hope you’re feeling better now. Glad the patio door is sorted out – how annoying ! Lovely to put yourself first for a while so get whichever car you want (not need, want !).

  10. Poor you having been so ill. Love the cobi tank it looks like your son did a good job there. Your lunch out looked very tasty! So glad your on the mend, Take it easy and keep up with the cranberry juice!

  11. So sorry to hear how poorly you have been! Take it easy if your immunity is low right now. Love the cat pics, make me miss having a cat curled up on my lap/bed #project366

  12. Sorry to hear you were so unwell, glad you are on the mend. Hope the fix to the patio door worked? Exciting getting a new car and with the weather changing it sounds like the perfect time of year. Your picture of Stowe has reminded me to book NT for next weekend – thank you x

  13. Oh no, I hope you get better. Oh cool, the tank looks great! It’s a shame you couldn’t visit Spain. That’s a nice bedsheet. OoOoo I’m excited to see what more your son creates. Nice to have some fresh air and walk on a trail but do not exert yourself. The food looks amazing. Stowe looks like an interesting place. Fancy getting enough money from inheritance to buy a car, choose what you feel is best for you and your family

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