Stourhead Grotto

Project 366 2020 Week 4

Project 366 2020 Week 4 Day 19 – 25

Sunday 19th January – Day 19

Stourhead Grotto

The sun shone and we headed to Wiltshire for the day to visit Stourhead for the first time.  We fell in love with the place, and all wished we lived nearer.  Got another stamp for my son’s NT passport.  We also popped to see King Alfred’s Tower and although it wasn’t open to go inside, it was still very impressive.  We took a faster route home and got to see Stonehenge from the road as the sun was setting.  Magical.

Monday 20th January – Day 20


Another blue sky day, but blimey it’s so cold.  Had to de-ice the car and then the heating wasn’t working properly at work so I sat in my coat for most of the morning.

Had a quick catch up with friends before heading home to get on with the second job.  Noticed that one of my long-dormant orchids is coming alive again.

Tuesday 21st January – Day 21

cat on windowsill

Another cold day so I was quite glad that I could work from home all day whilst my son was at school.

Paddington was on lookout duty first thing.

My son had Forest Foragers in the afternoon and I knew they were going to a local wood.  Thankfully he did wear his waterproof trousers this week.  He’d clearly had a lot of fun judging by the amount of mud on his boots.  Think I might have to invest in a cheaper pair just for this school session, I don’t really want his good walking boots to be totally wrecked.

Wednesday 22nd January – Day 22

Lego train track

Yes this is what my living room looks like every day. Yes I’m probably mad but I’d much rather have this than a son who is holed up in his bedroom playing computer games. Paddington was enjoying looking at the trains going by.

Thursday 23rd January – Day 23

Gherkin London

My son walked to school with his bestie so I could leave for London on time with my second boss. It was the monthly board meeting in their office which is next door to my favourite London landmark.  It was lovely to put faces to names and learn a bit more about the business.

The train was packed on the way down so it was standing room only, but thankfully we got seats on the way home. My son had a play date with his bestie so he’d had lots of fun while I’d been away.

Friday 24th January – Day 24

Project 366 2020 Week 4

My car was back in the garage, the only time I get to use it these days is when it needs taking in for work!  Not good news, it’s going to need a new clutch at some point soon.

Paddington seems to have had a massive growth spurt recently, he’s one big boy and still has some growing to do.

Saturday 25th January – Day 25

We headed down to Kent as my Auntie was moved to a care home on Monday. It was very foggy as we got closer to her flat. I needed to pick up some things from there before we spent some time with her in the home. She was on really good form and we had a very constructive few hours talking about what needs to happen next.

A long day but I feel positive for her future now and that she’s happy to finally accept help.

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29 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 4

  1. Glad things for your aunt are getting more organised and she’s coping better with the changes. You do go a long way for days out – a lot further than we can be bothered to go – not helped by having to be back to make tea for the OH. I rarely get out for work anymore – it’s my event in London next week but I’m not attending as there’s so many others and it’s more important for my manager to be there, and my support officer will go to help her out as she’s already there in the morning for another meeting. No point paying for 2 of us to go when she’s already there.

  2. Can see the newspaper headlines now……cat derails local train.
    Nice product placement at the cats tail….lol
    Glad things are looking up for your aunt and that she is accepting of her new home.

  3. It sounds like you’re doing well with getting the NT passport stamps.
    Wll done your son for wearing his waterproof trousers. The Forest Foragers does sound like fun.
    Ahh! When we moved house I banned big toys like your sons trainset from the living room and I do miss it! I have regrets.
    Paddington really does look massive now.
    I am glad your aunt is doing well now. x

  4. That’s such good news about your auntie, you must feel very relieved! Love that photo of your son at the start and how amazing to see Stonehenge at sunset. We’ve been saying for years we would like to visit, but it never happens. I love that your lounge looks like that all the time. The track is amazing! It’s great that you’re making the most of it while he still wants to do that, because the time will come when he wants to spend more time in his bedroom and you will miss it!

  5. Wow, such a busy week ! I love seeing your son playing with his train set – long may it last ! Your cat looks perfectly settled too. I’ve never seen the Gherkin up so close before so I’d never really paid attention to the detail – very impressive. xx

  6. Stourhead is so beautiful. We’ve only visited once for a friend’s wedding and I’d love to go back again and be able to explore it a bit more. Love the photo of your son playing with his train set and how lovely that he enjoys it so much. Sorry to hear that your car had to go back to the garage and will need a new clutch soon. #project366

  7. So pleased things are being sorted with your Aunt. i love how F plays so nicely with his trains rather than just sitting in front of the TV. I love being in central london, need to visit their more often i think

  8. Nice to see Paddington is behaving himself, maybe it was teenage angst and a growth spurt… My son is desperate to walk to school with his best friend but I worry about him crossing a major road. #project366

  9. I don’t think I know anyone else who has so many days out like Monkey and you. I’m amazed at your energy and enthusiasm. Love Monkey’s railway system and the Lego train station is fabulous.
    Glad to hear your aunt has decided to accept help.

  10. I am glad to hear that you had a good meeting with your Auntie. We have a couple of floors in the Gherkin but are moving out at the end of Feb. I remember when there was nothing built around it at all. I am totally with you on the train set x

  11. OoOOoO Stourhead looks like a great place. Cute Paddington and the Forest Foragers trip sound exciting; great that h had fun. Yeah, he should keep his passion for trains strong. You’ve done some travelling this week

  12. Glad your aunt is doing ok now.

    I really need to get a passport for Bee so we can collect some stamps too!

    Paddington really does seem to have grown!

  13. Glad your aunt has you to look after her. Paddington is getting huge. Has he behaved himself this week, no adventures? 🙂

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