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Project 366 2020 Week 40

Project 366 2020 Week 40 Day 271-277 Hard to believe that we’ve reached the end of September, the weather is turning, Coronavirus is causing havoc and I said goodbye to my old car.

Sunday 27th September  – Day 271

Project 366 2020 Week 40

A day spent at home sorting ‘stuff’.  Our garage has been crammed full since we cleared the spare room when our windows were being done.  We finally opened the door and started sorting out the contents and my son agreed that he really had outgrown his beloved JCB digger.  It was snapped up really quickly on a local selling site as were a few other bits and pieces.

We finally got out new house number plate fixed on the brickwork and I packed my summer clothes away and got my winter clothes out.  Always a rather depressing process.  See you next year sandals!

Monday 28th September – Day 272


When we were sorting things out yesterday I’d got my husband to move some boxes that were sitting on top of our bookcases in the spare room as I couldn’t reach them.  There were a load of old jigsaws that needed selling and some shoe boxes. When I looked in one of the boxes I found all the things I’d brought home from my work desk when I went on maternity leave, including Bagpuss, who is now sitting by my bed.  I’d forgotten all about him.

Tuesday 29th September – Day 273

Project 366 2020 Week 40

It’s a love thing.  These two always make me smile.

My son developed a stye over the weekend but thankfully with lots of warm compresses, it looks much better today. He’s been working on his birthday and Christmas present wish list as they are only a couple of months away, he reminds me almost hourly.  One computer game (much to his Dad’s displeasure) and loads of Lego sets.  I’m not convinced that he really needs any more Lego really.

Wednesday 30th September – Day 274

Project 366 2020 Week 40

My day off and lots of life admin to sort. as well as saying my final goodbye to my old car.  I’ve had it sixteen years and it’s done me well over that time.  It was very strange to see someone else driving it away today.

After school, we watched an online presentation from a new Secondary school that has just opened.  I’m going to look round the school in a few weeks but only one person from each household is allowed to attend, so today was to give my son an idea so we can make a decision on his second option if we can’t get into our preferred, non-catchment choice.

Thursday 1st October – Day 275

Project 366 2020 Week 40

The sun came out again today, nice to see it, even if it’s only fleetingly.

I received an email which I knew would be coming really but it was still gutting.  We should have been doing a four-night review trip in Llandudno in October, which coincides with the OH’s birthday and half-term but it’s now been cancelled as the hotel will be closed due to the current Coronavirus restrictions imposed in North Wales.  We’ve not had a holiday as a family for over a year, looks like we will have to wait a little longer now.  I can’t see the point in booking anything else now either, forward planning just seems a waste of time. I felt so bad cancelling our cattery booking again.

My boss bought us all sunflowers today, I certainly needed cheering up a bit.

Friday 2nd October – Day 276

Project 366 2020 Week 40

Rain, rain, rain.  What joy!

The day did get brighter when my son came out of school and told me he’d won Achiever of the Week for joining in more in class and putting his hand up to answer questions.  That’s a massive thing for him.

Saturday 3rd October – Day 277

Belton House Orangery

We’ve been watching the news so closely over the last few weeks, hoping that our trip to Lincolnshire could go ahead.  It had already been postponed once due to Coronavirus and then again when I was really poorly with my kidney and chest infections.  I’d booked tickets for us to visit Belton House as it’s a National Trust site we’ve not visited before and was a good option to break up the journey to our hotel. But the weather!!  Full waterproofs kind of day but we were actually really lucky.  It was hammering down when we arrived so we made a beeline to the Stables Cafe for an early lunch.  By the time we reappeared it was still raining but nowhere near as heavily so we could actually enjoy a couple of hours exploring the grounds.

We then headed to Cleethorpes so we could see the sea before driving on to DoubleTree Forest Pines Spa and Golf Resort for our overnight review stay. My son was thrilled to discover he had his own double bed, we had a lovely meal before crashing out back in the room after a long day.

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28 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 40

  1. Awww always sad saying goodbye to an old car, however the memories remain! Sad times about the review trip to Llandudno being cancelled, love it there. But how lovely you managed to get away for the weekend and a review stay to boot too! I’ve not really had a holiday in over a year, we’d normally go to see my parents, but haven’t seen them in a year either. You’ve inspired me to clean out my garage, I have no excuses now that I’m not doing anything else! :/ Sim x

  2. I know what you mean about booking stuff not being worth it. We haven’t had a family holiday this year either. I did manage a couple of grown up weekend aways very early in the year, but that all seems like a distant memory now. Must feel good to be decluttering – I need to move onto that.

  3. Ahh! The JCB digger did bring back memories, my brother had a very similar one when we were kids.
    My girls have been working on their Christmas lists too. Eek!
    What a lovely boss you have to buy you all sunflowers. x

  4. We’re in the same position, choosing a secondary school. So far neither of the two nearest schools are open for visits, they posted online tours, which are not very useful, with the history of school and blah-blah. It’s such a difficult choice as it is, and selecting the right one is a challenge in current circumstances.
    Hope Monkey’s eye is better now. He and the cat look so lovingly at each other, aww.

  5. Bet it was blowy at Cleethorpes. Lucky to get in that break. Frustrating with all the other cancellations this year. Well done to your son on his award

  6. I find packing away summer clothes a bit depressing too. Lovely to find things in old boxes – I love your Bagpuss. Sorry to hear that your trip to Llandudno was cancelled. Glad that your trip to Lincolnshire was able to go ahead though. #project366

  7. We love Belton house! Glad you managed to visit!

    Sorry to hear your trip was cancelled….we haven’t been anywhere this year as I cancelled our trip to wales earlier in the year too. Just going to wait until next year now.

  8. We were supposed to be doing Llandudno in October too, such a coincidence. We are now doing Somerset so my fingers are crossed that we can still travel

  9. Sorry to hear your family break was cancelled, it is so frustrating things are so up in the air. I am weary to book anything in the future at the moment. If we go anywhere next year it will be a very last minute holiday and according to my husband UK based.

  10. I have packed away my summer clothes and embraced the heating but my youngest keeps wandering around in just his pants! bbrrrrr! We’re not planning any trips or even days out 🙁 #project366

  11. Oh I love Bagpuss he’s lovely. I could do with sorting out some more. It seems never ending! I always get quite attached to cars sad to see your one go, but exciting to be getting a new one. Sorry you have had to cancel your holiday. I know what you mean about forward planning. If there is nothing in the diary then there is nothing to get disappointed by. Hope your overnight stay was good.

  12. Awww it’s such a shame your review trip was cancelled. It’s so hard to plan anything these days. I’m the same looking at Christmas – I’m assuming we won’t be able to make it back to the UK 🙁 Glad you managed to fit in a little overnight stay though. I should start clearing out our garage too. Maybe now that I’m on holiday, it would be a good time 🙂

  13. Time is flying fast. That;s a cool JCB digger and he’s definitely outgrown it. Hi, cute Bagpuss (nice name). Aww they look cute together. I hope his stye improved quickly; my sibling had it and it was very annoying. Goodbye old car, one does have many memories attached to their old car. Aww so sweet to get sunflowers from your boss. It’s a shame your holiday plans have been cancelled. Congrats to your son! There’s been a lot of rainy days but glad you were able to have fun at Belton House and the other places

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