Grey squirrel eating peanuts

Project 366 2020 Week 41

Project 366 2020 Week 41 Day 278-284 How can it be October already? A week started in Lincolnshire and ended in Derbyshire.

Sunday 4th October  – Day 278

Lincoln Castle

We checked out of our hotel and headed down to Lincoln for the day.  We’d decided to book tickets to visit the Castle last night and were so glad we did. The weather was so much better than we’d expected, blue skies mainly and dry!  The castle is well worth a visit, you can see one of the four original Magna Carta documents, walk around the prison and see Lincoln from the castle walls.  We spotted a windmill from the walls and headed out on foot to find it – sitting in the middle of a residential street – very random!  Before heading home we also popped into the Cathedral to admire the building.

The rain returned once we hit the M1, but we were really glad it hadn’t ruined our weekend.

My SIL had been round in the morning to let the cats out, Paddington went out like a shot, but Brewster was in hiding under the bed until we got home.

Monday 5th October – Day 279

Grey squirrel eating peanuts

I think we could all have done with a few extra hours in bed today, but school and work beckoned.

I had a nice catch up with my friend after work before heading home and spotting this cheeky squirrel helping himself to some peanuts.  I don’t mind as the birds never seem to eat them anyway.

Tuesday 6th October – Day 280

Lego Speed Champions

At 1 am this morning I was woken up to the sound of what I could only think was our smoke detector going off.  After frantically checking all the rooms in a rather sleepy state I soon realised that my son had figured out how to set his alarm clock.  It was going off continuously right next to his head.  Do you think he even stirred a little?  No, he was oblivious, I on the other hand was now wide awake.  Joy.

After work I came home to this scene in my living room, the Oxfordshire Grand Prix was all set to start, complete with Safety Car at the back.  I’d obviously been too knackered first thing to see what my son was setting up.

Wednesday 7th October – Day 281


My day off, although as any Mum knows, you never actually have a ‘day off’.  After the school run, I got some blog work done and then went shopping.  Finally remembered to take a photo of my new car.  Love it so much.  I was meeting some of my NCT group for lunch and thought I’d try out my Sat Nav for the first time even though I knew where I was going.  Got very excited when I discovered that at well as the big visual screen in the centre console, I also have a mini nav screen that shows in my dashboard.  It’s the little things in life that make me smile at the moment.

Catching up with friends was lovely.  Two of the ladies I’ve walked with before the school holidays, but one I haven’t seen other than via zoom, since before lockdown.  It was lovely to have a couple of hours of normal before returning to the Coronavirus world we are living in.  Will we all be in lockdown next week?

Paid some bills before picking my son up from school and arranged some magazine subscriptions for my Auntie which can be delivered directly to her care home.  She finally has a pair of glasses she can see with, so hopefully, the magazines will brighten up her days a little.

Thursday 8th October – Day 282

Two tuxedo cats on bed

Sunshine! It’s getting colder by the day but at least it’s dry today.

I got home from work to find these two waiting by the patio doors to come in.  Within minutes they’d both taken up their positions on my bed.  Always in the same places.  I was a bit worried that when we got home on Sunday we’d find fur everywhere from these two fighting, but we didn’t.  Doesn’t stop them scrapping in the garden but at least they seem to put up with each other a bit more these days.

Friday 9th October – Day 283

Project 366 2020 Week 41

A rare cuddle with Brewster after school.

Saturday 10th October – Day 284

Project 366 2020 Week 41

I’d had a date in my diary for ages to spend the weekend with my bestie. She’s been in our bubble since you were allowed to bubble with a single person household.  Today was one of those days where you were just meant to be in that particular place at that particular time. Her Dad passed away this afternoon, it wasn’t unexpected but it doesn’t make it any easier and she’s already suffered so much.

We went for a walk between showers and had a fair few beers tonight.


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26 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 41

  1. It sounds like you had a great time at the castle.
    What a scare to be woken up like that. My youngest used to love to set her alarm clock at random times, early in the morning and of course it never wore her up. lol
    Your new car looks and sounds fab!
    Oh no! I am so sorry about your friends dad. How lucky that you were there with her. x

  2. Glad you were with your friend when she had her bad news about her dad. We have had similar alarm clock incidents with horrific noise at 2am or something next to sleeping child (or child at his Dad’s).

  3. Oh no Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your friends father, so glad you’ve formed a support bubble to be able to comfort her. Love your son’s attention to detail with the safety car, glad he’s still enjoying playing with the cars

  4. So glad you were able to be with your friend and support her. Lincoln Castle looks lovely. I need some cat cuddles to warm me up, brrr it’s chilly even with the heating on! #project366

  5. Lincoln Castle looks like an interesting place to visit. We’ve only visited the cathedral. That’s a very cheeky squirrel on the peanut feeder. Great pose to capture though! Oops to your son setting his alarm for 1am. Love the safety car at the back of his Grand Prix set-up. Lovely to meet up with friends. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend’s dad but glad she wasn’t alone and you were able to be there with her. #project366

  6. The castle picture reminds me of the Great Wall of China for some reason ! Glad you had a nice day out. The alarm story made me smile – Juliette did that once. I woke her up to get her back (and because I didn’t know how to turn the alarm off on her phone ! lol). Sad news for your friend – I’m glad you could be there to help her out emotionally.

  7. Glad you had fun at the castle and your new car looks fab. I really miss catching up with friends, but sounds like you were in the right place at the right time

  8. So sorry to hear about your besties dad, it is good that you were there at the time.
    The castle sounds a great place to visit I would have loved to have seen some of the Magna Carta
    Your new car looks ace, very sparkly.

  9. Sorry to hear about your friends dad. Glad you were there for your friend

    Loving the new car….looks great.

  10. How lovely to send your aunty some magazines, the little things make a big difference! Oh no how annoying with the alarm clock going on at that silly hour! I really like your squirrel photo, what a great capture.

  11. Awww yey! A pic of the new car! 🙂 How is it going? Are you liking it?
    I’ve not been to Lincoln for some years, hope you have a fab break away! That is an awesome capture of a squirrel, we have seen lots around recently, even one in front of our house the other day, they are certainly more brazen than ever before!
    LOL! Your son setting his alarm and not waking up, totally something Liv would do!

  12. OoO The castle looks amazing! What an acrobatic squirrel. The alarm clock must’ve been annoying but I relate to your son, I’m also a deep sleeper but I only wake up to my own alarm. Very elegant car and great that it has the screen. Awww cats are adorable. So sorry to hear about your bestie’s dad passing away

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