Project 366 2020 Week 43

Project 366 2020 Week 43 Day 292-298 A week that started at our happy place, saw my son enjoy an inset day at the zoo and ended with the OH’s birthday.

Sunday 18th October  – Day 292

Project 366 2020 Week 43

We all needed some fresh air, although a certain ten-year-old didn’t agree.  I’d booked tickets for Stowe to get us out of the house for a couple of hours and my son has definitely reached the ‘I don’t want to go anywhere’ stage at the moment.  He’s having to learn that he still has to go with us right now, but of course, as soon as we arrived he’d set a route and off he went, happy as Larry.  Children.

Monday 19th October – Day 293

Project 366 2020 Week 43

After school my son asked if we could sort his hair out – it was too long apparently.  One positive of the Covid situation, he’s much happier for me to do his hair than go to the barber, so that’s £11 a time we’re saving.  I’m sure that’ll all change when he starts Secondary school, but for now, it’s a Mum cut for him.

Tuesday 20th October – Day 294

Project 366 2020 Week 43

The weather this week has been so changeable – it was lovely to see a bit of blue sky for a change, if not for long.

Wednesday 21st October – Day 295

Project 366 2020 Week 43

Back to continuous rain today.

I had an appointment in the morning to look around the new school in town.  It’s not often you have the opportunity to see a school before the pupils have even moved in, so it did feel a little strange.  But I came away feeling that now we have options.

I drove from there into town to spend an hour in two different banks, but I had cash from selling my old car that needed to be paid in, at one bank and I needed to sort some Power of Attorney stuff out at another bank, so all worth it in the end.

After school we had a long talk about our Secondary School options, we are sticking with our first choice which isn’t our catchment school but have now added a second choice which we should get in on through shared Federation criteria.  All submitted and I feel much more positive about it all now.  I think in the long term my son would be fine if we got either of our choices, if we still end up being put in the catchment school then I’ll appeal.  So nothing more to be done until 1st March now.

Thursday 22nd October – Day 296


More rain for the walk to school and as I don’t have a window at work I was rather surprised to walk out to blue skies and sunshine at lunchtime.  Spotted this rather rain-soaked nasturtium in the back garden.

Friday 23rd October – Day 297

Amur Tiger

Inset day and a day on holiday for me.  We should have woken up in Llandudno looking out over the sea.  Alas that wasn’t to be, and with all the Covid restrictions I couldn’t face booking something else, only for it to fall through at the very last minute. So today was spent at one of our favourite places instead – ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

It’s somewhere we visit a number of times each year, my son makes a beeline for the giraffe house on every visit, and yet again he was the first visitor to say hello to his favourite animals.  We got to see the beautiful tigers, I have no chance of telling the adults from the cubs now.  We were fairly lucky with the weather, although not all the animals wanted to be seen on this visit.  It was still a lovely day out, and we were both shattered by the time we got home.

Saturday 24th October – Day 298

Project 366 2020 Week 43

It’s the OH’s birthday today and he had a few orders to sort out for customers so the menfolk went out together for a few hours.  It gave me time to nip into town and collect some Christmas Elf items that I’d ordered and hide the birthday and Christmas presents I’d ordered from Amazon for my son that arrived just as we got home from school on Thursday that I’d stuffed in the garage quickly.  Luckily my son believed that they were something for Daddy’s business – phew!

Early evening we will be going out for dinner to celebrate Daddy P’s birthday.

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30 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 43

  1. It is hard when kids decide they would just rather stay home than go anywhere. It’s always the case when they get out they enjoy themselves.
    Good on you and your son for doing the haircuts at home. It must be saving a lot of money.
    How lucky that you got to visit the new school. It’s good to have options.
    That tiger photo is amazing.
    Happy birthday to your hubby x

  2. Can’t believe you’re looking at secondary schools already. Yep the ‘don’t want to go out, kick up a fuss, then have the best day ever’ memories. hope he’s looking forward to seeing me and Bob on Monday lol

  3. N’s already at that stage – sometimes he won’t even go out on the farm. Glad you managed a trip to Whipsnade and that Xmas and birthday stuff is getting organised. I need to think about Christmas (and order a turkey for the first time as we’re not doing them on the farm this year)

  4. we trailed out a soppy 14 yr old the other day who did not want to come but is to immature to want left at home alone while we went for a walk.
    Happy belated birthday to your husband.

  5. I’m glad your son enjoyed your walk around Stowe in spite of the initial reluctance. Good that you were able to look around the new school and good luck with getting one of your choices for secondary school. Love the photo of the tiger. Hope your OH had a nice birthday. #project366

  6. My eldest hates going out but we still drag her out!

    Great shot of the tiger…we love that zoo too!

    Hope you get your first choice of school!

  7. My son also moans that I drag him around, but he’s too young to be left alone at home. The weather has been awful for the last couple of weeks, so fed up with the rain. Love your tiger shot, very dynamic. And the nasturtium is beautiful. Happy belated birthday to your husband!

  8. Hope Daddy P enjoyed his birthday!
    That Nasturtium is stunning, so vibrant and yellow… lovely to see some colour at this time of year! It must have been odd walking around a newly built school, they are always so lovely and shiny but fingers crossed for March for you, I remember that wait earlier this year!

  9. You are good having the confidence to do his hair. I tried tidying up my eldest’s hair once and made a bit of a mess, never again! Luckily mine managed to get haircuts just before the welsh lockdown. How lovely you got to have a day out at the Zoo before lockdown x

  10. We will be getting the hair clippers out this weekend as I missed the boys’ appointment again due to the new lockdown! The weather has been getting colder and I’ve had to upgrade to my winter coat but last week the weird weather made some fab rainbows #project366

  11. Hope your husband had a great birthday, well done on the hiding skills. I haven’t even thought about the elf yet – eek! Something else to add to the list. Sorry your trip was cancelled. Whipsnade is a zoo we haven’t been to yet – I do love a zoo and hope they can survive this next bought of lockdown.

  12. Children are weird, I can relate. I suppose it’s very cloudy over there, we get a lot of blue sky here although rain is approaching. I hope whatever decision you make is the best for your son. Lovely flower. The day at the zoo looks like fun. Happy birthday to OH, cute card

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