Stowe Landscape Gardens

Project 366 2020 Week 45

Project 366 2020 Week 45 Day 306-312 The start of the lockdown that isn’t really a lockdown at all

Sunday 1st November – Day 306

Project 366 2020 Week 45

We probably should have gone out and done something today but nobody really felt like it.  So I got some jobs done around the house.  My son painted the things he’d made from clay yesterday and then played a new free download game we’d found for his Switch.  It kept him happy.

Monday 2nd November – Day 307


Somewhere over the rainbow, everything will be ok once again.  I hope.

My boss told us all that we’d all be partially furloughed from next week for the next four weeks.  I needed to go shopping after work as the cupboards were bare after half-term and I was dreading what town would be like after the lockdown announcement.  Thankfully it wasn’t too manic although beef mince appears to be the new panic buy item, as none was to be found.

As I pulled up outside the house it started to hammer down so I stayed put until the weather calmed down and this rainbow rewarded my patience.

Tuesday 3rd November – Day 308

cat asleep on sofa

I’m coming back as a cat next time around.  Paddington loves falling asleep on the sofa or armchair, whereas Brewster never even sits on either unless he’s perched on my lap for a few minutes.  They are so different.

Wednesday 4th November – Day 309

Stowe Landscape Gardens

The world is rather strange, isn’t it?  I really expected to wake up to the news that Joe Biden would be the next president of USA.  Doesn’t seem as if that’s anywhere near the sure thing it should have been.  How depressing.

I booked a ticket for Stowe at the beginning of the week for my day off when I thought it would be my last chance to go for the next month.  Now it seems that it, along with so many other places and will be open throughout the lockdown, which let’s face it isn’t actually a lockdown at all.  Anyway, the sun shone and I couldn’t have picked a better day to just get away from life for a couple of hours.

The end of an era today, as this afternoon I’ll be meeting my son from the school grounds for the last time.  As of tomorrow, I’ll be waiting outside the home of his best friend and the boys will walk that far together.  They’ve both been asking for ages and the time feels right.

Thursday 5th November – Day 310

Project 366 2020 Week 45

The start of the second lockdown but for us, this will be no different at all except for the fact I’ll be working fewer hours this month.  I had missed a few things on my shopping list earlier in the week so popped into town after work and the car park was considerably quieter than the industrial estate where I work!

The day my son starts walking part of the way home from school with his friend.  They were both grinning like Cheshire cats when the walked around the corner in the afternoon.

Guy Fawkes Day and none of the normal excitement here.  We didn’t even bother to look out the window at the fireworks that were going off, just not feeling it this year.

Friday 6th November – Day 311

Mackeral sky

It’s been much colder for the last two mornings and the clouds on the walk to school were beautiful.

A busy day at work for me and I’m definitely ready for a weekend of chilling out now.

Saturday 7th November – Day 312


We’ve had a very chilled out start to the day which was much needed.  The OH is out working for most of the day so my son and I are spending some quality time together.  We’d been sent some K’Nex sets to review and I’ve been employed as parts finder whilst my son builds his creations.  He built a couple of things to the instructions before upgrading them into his own ideas.  Lovely to watch although I don’t think I stand a chance of getting him to go out for a walk now!

What have you been up to this week?

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22 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 45

  1. Ohh! I like that there is free games for the Switch. We are planning on getting my youngest one for Christmas.
    How random that beef mince was nowhere to be found. I have struggled to find tins of mushy peas over the last week or so. lol
    There isn’t much changing for us during lockdown either apart from my fellas hours being cut which we’re fine with thanks to the furlough pay. x

  2. Now that is an empty car park! Utter madness! No such luck in my town, life seems to be going on as normal and I’m not entirely sure how Lockdown 2.0 is going to help! How fabulous you managed to catch a rainbow, your patience did pay off indeed! Paddington looks awfully comfy and what an awesome name for a cat! Sim x

  3. Yes I was disappointed about the election result seeming tight to start with. Thankfully it did improve, but so many still voted for the orange one. Lockdown similar here, but I’m trying to do some different things to make it a more positive time. Exercise being key for me as part of lockdown 2.

  4. I agree it doesn’t feel like lockdown again, does it? hope the boys are enjoying their new found freedom with walking home from school and do mention i have a huge box of K’nex also to make a ferris wheel with, if a certain youn g man is interested in playing with

  5. My older ones loved the K’nex but only made to plan never inventions of their own.
    Scary time when you start letting them walk home from school, then brave the to school hoping they turn up.
    I expected Trump to walk it, but very very glad he didn’t

  6. Sorry to hear that you’ve been partially furloughed over the next few weeks. Lovely to see a rainbow on getting home from work. What a beautiful photo of the lake at Stowe. Being able to walk part of the way home from school with a friend is such a big thing – I can imagine how exciting it must have been for your son to be able to do that now. He looks very engrossed in his K’Nex. #project366

  7. Oh I will have to look for the free downloadable games for Bee too!

    We got the K’nex and love it.

    Yes I know what you mean about the results….it really shouldn’t have been that close and the fact it was is pretty depressing

  8. I feel like that every weekend! Yet I am not doing that much during the week. I had no idea that you can get free switch games will have to look into those as they cost a small fortune.

  9. Awww cute Paddington. My dogs love sleeping on the couch, especially the elder one. Stowe looks lovely. Your son will be the best judge for this building set. The plane looks amazing

  10. My son walks to school with a friend and waving him off each morning doesn’t seem to get any less anxious for me! This lockdown doesn’t seem real but I hope your furlough is going ok #project366

  11. Hope your son is enjoying his new found independence walking with his friend. What fab K’Nex sets, I think my boys would like them. They have a roller-coaster and Ferris wheel already. Hope the lockdown is going okay. What a bonus finding a free game on the switch.

  12. Sorry for the delay – finally catching up on comments ! Oooh I didn’t know there were free games for the Switch. I’ve just bought one for Juliette for Christmas so I will have to investigate ! Plenty of mince here but I couldn’t get hold of any tinned tomatoes for a few weeks ! Love the clouds – very pretty 🙂

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