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Project 366 2020 Week 46

Project 366 2020 Week 46 Day 313-319 The first week where I’m on partial furlough and an up and down week on a number of levels

Sunday 8th November – Day 313

Project 366 2020 Week 46

Remembrance Sunday – we watched the service on London on TV, so poignant to see it all so empty this year thanks to Coronavirus.  If Brewster decided to sit on my lap for a while, most unusual.

Monday 9th November – Day 314

Mr Lee's noodles

A busy morning at work and I was famished by the time I got home so decided to eat the Mr Lee’s Coconut Chicken Laksa I’d received in my Blog On goody bag.  I’m not a huge fan of coconut so wasn’t sure I’d like it, but was pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday 10th November – Day 315

Project 366 2020 Week 46

My first furlough day and I was flat out all day.  Headed off to the local post office after walking my son to school as I needed to return something.  This involved queueing outside the Co-op as they are only allowing 3 people inside for the post office queue now.  Thankfully it wasn’t raining and my SIL turned up to queue behind me which we both found rather amusing.

Walked back home for a full-on blog day, just trying to catch up on a few review posts and general admin that just isn’t getting done these days.

Wednesday 11th November – Day 316

Project 366 2020 Week 46

Armistice Day.

I’ve been feeling low all week, don’t know if it’s hormones, menopause, time of year or what, but I could have sat in the corner and sobbed at quite a few points this week.

I’d ordered a new cross stitch kit that I want to make as a present but I’ve left it quite late to get it made in time and when it arrived today I realised it’s bigger than I’d expected and won’t fit on my frame.  So I’ve ordered a bigger one, which will be useful anyway, but further delays my start.

Thursday 12th November – Day 317

Miss Sophie nail wraps

My Dad’s 78th birthday.  He’s safe and well, along with Mum, so that’s good.

I think this is classed as my day off rather than Wednesday in my new working world this month.  I love nail varnish, it doesn’t love me, if I do it at home it’s chipped within the first day and a mess within three days.  I can’t afford to have my nails done each month these days and a friend from work suggested trying Miss Sophie nail wraps.  Something new for me and I really needed a pick me up this week so I tried them out this morning.  Quite easy to apply and let’s see how long they last.

Had a long telephone chat with my bestie and it was just what I needed to perk my spirits up a bit.  I also booked tickets for an evening event at Silverstone as a birthday surprise for my son next month.  Hopefully, as it’s an ‘in-car’ experience it won’t get cancelled.

Friday 13th November – Day 318

Must not get in the habit, but I treated myself to a couple of new tunic dresses with a discount code.  Really like the pattern on this one as well as the colours.

Work was manic today for me and I was shattered by the time I’d finished.

Children in Need day and the kids could wear their pj’s to school.  My son thought that was a mad idea (who wears pj’s to school Mummy!!) so he just went in his PE kit as normal on Fridays.

Saturday 14th November – Day 319

Project 366 2020 Week 46

The menfolk have gone out on a few deliveries so I’m home alone and doing a bit of online shopping, with two sleeping cats for company.  I’ve bought a few glass pieces from Dweomer Glass before and can highly recommend them.

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24 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 46

  1. It sounds like a busy week for you.
    Good luck with the cross stitch.
    Your nails look so pretty. I love the colour. Good on you to treating yourself to some new dresses. x

  2. Nice nails. That’s lucky with the evening event. Sounds interesting. Bet it’s nice to now be able to have some time to spend on the blog again.

  3. so sorry you are having a rough week, hormones play havoc with me at times as well and I vary between rage and tears.
    Hope the cross stitch does not take you to long. Look forward to seeing it as it grows.
    Happy belated birthday to your dad.

  4. Cute Brewster. The noodles do look tasty. Oh no I’m sorry you’ve been feeling low. I hope you got better. Happy birthday to your Dad! The nail polish does look great. That is a lovely pattern for the dress

  5. Big hugs, Mary, sorry you are feeling low. Happy birthday to your Dad! The pattern is bold and attractive. It’s nice to treat yourself. I know zilch about nail polish. I like coconut in soup, in fact you reminded me to cook something coconutty soon.

  6. Haha I can hear the boy ‘PJ’s mamma, what a ridiculous idea’ Love the nail wraps, let me know how you got on with them and I need a link if they’re good please

  7. So sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit down, although can relate to just wanting to sit in a corner and sob sometimes!

    The nail wraps looks good. Haven’t worn nail polish in a long time myself!

    Hope your dad had a good birthday.

  8. I agree it was strange with Remembrance Sunday, my eldest was part of a service last year and would have been this year too, but it was restricted to just two people instead. Glad you enjoyed the noodles, they do look quite good! So sorry to hear you have been feeling low, I think 2020 has been a mixed bag so its completely understandable to be out of sorts. What a lovely choice with the tunic pattern, retail therapy always lifts spirits!

  9. Sounds like a busy week, glad you managed to spend some time on the blog it is something I need to try and do more of – so much admin stuff. Love the colour of the nails, I would be interested to see how you get on with them. My mood gos up and down too hope you find your motivation again soon. The Silverstone event sounds like a great fun I am sure it will still go ahead. Love the colour of the tunic

  10. It was so strange to see the Remembrance Sunday service without the usual crowds. Sorry to hear that you were feeling low last week. Hope that this week has been a better one. I like the colours in your new cross stitch kit and the pattern on your new dress. Sophie’s school had the children going in wearing sportswear/PE kit for Children in Need rather than pyjamas. #project366

  11. Sorry to hear you have been feeling low, I think it is probably a combination of everything. Your nails look lovely, would love to try Miss Sophie nail wraps as I have the same problem as you

  12. I used to always have my nails painted but it never lasts now I’m a mum. Still always have my toenails done though! Looking forward to seeing your cross stitch when you have completed it. #project366

  13. Hearing you say how busy you’ve been and how you’ve been catching up on blog stuff sounds very familiar … as you can tell by the fact that I’m only just catching up on blog comments from weeks ago ! How is everything so manically busy at the moment ?! Your nails look great – hope they lasted for a while. I did giggle at your son’s comments about wearing PJ’s to school – well, he is quite right ! lol Love the dress 🙂

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