Project 366 2020 Week 47

Project 366 2020 Week 47

Project 366 2020 Week 47 Day 320-326 Another week and the weather is dull, grey and wet mostly, seems to sum it up perfectly.

Sunday 15th November – Day 320

Project 366 2020 Week 47

The weather was so much better today so there was no way we were staying indoors all day.  The OH had noticed a footpath close to the grounds of Claydon House during the last lockdown and we’d been meaning to investigate ever since.  So with my OS app on my phone, we decided to investigate and ended up doing a 6km circular walk taking in the grounds of the NT property (currently closed) and the surrounding villages.

My son had been an absolute monster before we left the house – full-on teenager but of course, once he got out of the car he was fine and soon having fun in the mud.

Monday 16th November – Day 321

Project 366 2020 Week 47

Odd socks day at school and my son loved the fact that we can now swap socks as he’s got slightly bigger feet than me.

A really quiet day at work but at least I can concentrate on some financial work that needs sorting out.

What a difference a day makes, gone is the teenager and back to my happy, smiling boy.  He came out of school full of laughter and was just a joy to be with all afternoon and evening.  He even let me take some nice photos of him.

Tuesday 17th November – Day 322

sleeping black and white cat

Paddington didn’t move from this spot all day.  He didn’t even move when my son got home from school! Clearly, he’d had a busy night out on the town – no lockdown for him.

I got some blog work done as well as the weekly shop and picked up a few Christmas bits at the same time from the supermarket.  Not essential I know, but same shop and I can’t see normality suddenly happening from 2nd December anyway.

Wednesday 18th November – Day 323

Cross Stitch

Grey, dull and wet day.  Another really quiet day at work with nothing coming in but I have been able to spend time getting on top of some of the accounts that I’ve taken over recently.

Sorting out POA things for my Aunt is like pulling teeth.  I’ve been trying to get her a rebate on her TV licence since August.  You can’t call them, they aren’t accepting calls.  So you email them and get an auto-reply saying that they take up to 30 days to reply.  If only! I tweeted them ages ago and a human actually started dealing with things, but before long I was back to the auto-reply emails.  So back to Twitter yesterday and a rather frank message on my thoughts on their service.  Lo and behold, a rebate has been arranged, no idea for how much, and it can take a further 21 days to actually appear in her account.

Then on to NSandI regarding her premium bonds.  They’ve finally acknowledged my details as her POA but I still can’t register online for her.  54 minutes on hold to them to try to sort out, only for them to have the same issues.  Oh well then, we’ll send you a form in the post, complete it and post it back and we can then send you a PIN number to register with.  Shoot me now.  How elderly people actually deal with these companies is beyond me.

The larger frame for my cross stitch arrived today so I could finally get started.

Thursday 19th November – Day 324

Project 366 2020 Week 47

Paddington decided to follow us to school this morning.  We walk a different route these days and the road is busier so I managed to grab him and ran home with him whilst my son walked on alone to his friend’s house.  They’d got all the way to school before I caught up with his friend’s Mum.

It was raining and I just didn’t fancy the trip to Stowe I’d got booked so I stayed at home instead and did bugger all apart from catching up on Harlots and The Undoing on TV.  I did do some cross stitch too and this is the reality.  Even varifocals aren’t helping me anymore to see the symbols on the charts so I borrowed my son’s magnifying lid from his bug catcher kit, the joy of getting old.

Skype call with my parents and our birthdays for Dad still haven’t arrived in Spain, sent at the very beginning of the month.  Such a shame as never not arrived before.

Friday 20th November – Day 325

Project 366 2020 Week 47

Rarely ever catch the colours of a sunrise as you can only get a glimpse of it from my son’s bedroom.  Had to grab a quick phone shot while I could this morning.  Another wet, grey, dull day.  I’m done with November really.

Saturday 21st November – Day 326

Project 366 2020 Week 47

Saturdays are taken at a slower pace these days.  The OH is back to working through on Saturdays and my son and I are just taking the time not to set an alarm and chill out.  It’s another grey, dull day so we’re spending it at home, playing games and watching TV.  Strictly beckons this evening along with a rare Chinese takeaway for the grown-ups and pizza for the child who won’t try anything new!

It’s less than a month to my son’s 11th birthday.  He’s picked his cake topper for his cake and I’m rather impressed with his choice – more on that to come nearer the time.  A lovely personalised Christmas tree decoration arrived that I’d ordered from Emma at On the Nice List Designs.  I’ve bought him a new named decoration every year since he arrived with us, nice to have organised that ahead of time.

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21 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 47

  1. You did right getting out while the weather was nice. It sounds like you had a great walk on Sunday.
    Ahh! Odd socks day sounds like fun! I am sick of my two pinching mine. lol What a lovely photo of your boy.
    I have been buying Christmas presents with the food shop for a few weeks. It really helps and it means I’m not going to be getting the bus into town come December.
    So sorry you have had trouble sorting things out for your Aunt. It is a nightmare. I have been trying to help my dad out with his businesses, thankfully just over email and it’s hard work.
    Naughty Paddington following you to school. He’s such a daredevil.
    It sounds like a lovely Saturday. I hope you’ve enjoyed your Chinese. x

  2. I feel your pain with the POA. We had the same with my nan, although hers was more straightforward than sorting out my mum’s bank stuff as trustees after she died. Your son is looking so grown up now. Definitely moving more towards a young man than a boy.

  3. I hate dealing with companies for anything out of the ordinary these days. They try to fob you off with FAQs and put you off calling. I haven’t done POA, but did a lot of stuff with my mum’s will and it either worked well or was a complete pain, nothing in between.

  4. aaahhh the joys of the teenage years where the parents are the most obnoxious creatures on the planet that they never want to be seen with ion public again. They do outgrow that stage.
    Hate it when the eyes let you down, I am the same with knitting pattern charts as well.

  5. TV licence and bonds were a nightmare to sort, I wrote £25 off with them but mum keeps going on almost 2 years later that she never had a refund from them, it just wasn’t worth anymore of my time. Exploring a new walk sounds interesting. Yep the stroppy on/off teen is a weird one. I’ve been having issues for post not arriving abroad at the moment also, hope your dad’s gift turns up soon

  6. What a gorgeous red sky, a fabulous capture!! The power of Twitter is fantastic! I was gearing up to use it as an order placed almost 3 weeks ago hadn’t been acknowledged and I was getting a bit antsy. Glad the rebate was sorted! I’m chuckling at the fact Paddington is clearly having a better time of it during lockdown than we are! 😉 Sim x

  7. Glad your son was happier getting out for a walk and getting muddy. That’s such a lovely photo of him. That’s a beautiful photo of Paddington on the chair and it made me smile that he wanted to follow you to school. Hope that your memories of your beautiful cat are giving you some comfort. Thinking of you all and sending virtual hugs x #project366

  8. Sounds like a struggle with the POA hope you manage to get it sorted soon. I really think I may need to start cross stitch again. Ahhh we try and get a new decoration each year as well. Glad you managed to catch Paddington following you to school, you made me laugh thinking about him having a night out on the town. I still have a lot of Christmas things to sort out.

  9. Your son has a lovely smile! Can’t imagine that face being grumpy, although going on how mine react when I mention a walk I suppose it could lol. It sounds very complicated getting all the paperwork done for your aunt, hope you manage to get it all completed.

  10. Definitely a great idea to go out on a walk on a lovely day. That’s an adorable, smart picture of your son. I don’t understand what is going on but the POA thing sounds annoying. Aww Paddington wants to go to school with your son. Sunrise looks amazing.

  11. I think my children are mud magnets and always choose the squelchiest paths! Look forward to seeing the personalised decoration, I wish we’d done that… #project366

  12. Stomping through the mud looks like fun ! Glad you managed to sort out the paperwork – ahhh the power of twitter ! Such a nightmare to deal with though. Good luck with the cross stitch – I haven’t done any of that for so long. I’m sure I probably have a project that I started and never finished !

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