Christmas Tree

Project 366 2020 Week 51

Project 366 2020 Week 51 Day 348-354 Judging by the photographs I’ve taken this week, it’s pretty much all about Christmas decorations here it seems!

Sunday 13th December – Day 348

Christmas Tree

We don’t normally put our Christmas Tree and decorations up until at least a week after my son’s birthday.  But he was desperate to get it all up quicker this year so I relented, and he even helped me assemble the tree and decorate it.

The Santa sleigh visited our street in the evening, so even I’m feeling a little bit more Christmassy now.

Monday 14th December – Day 349

Illuminated reindeer

A normal work and school day and I got all the Christmas present wrapping done when I got back home.

This is still my favourite Christmas decoration, I bought it in Laura Ashley in the sales years ago and it’s just so pretty.

Tuesday 15th December – Day 350

Outdoor Christmas decorations

It was a non-working day for me so I had my hair cut, between the last lockdown and my son being in self-isolation I was a month overdue and in need of some tlc.  My son had his flu nasal spray done at school and took it all in his stride.

After dinner, we went for another walk around our estate to look at all the Christmas lights and projections.  I can feel that one day I’m going to have to give in and put some outside our house too.

Wednesday 16th December – Day 351

Project 366 2020 Week 51

A rather wet day.  Thankfully the rain held off whilst I was queuing outside the post office after work, but it hammered down once I’d got home.

My son had a class bubble Christmas party of sorts at school and they got to watch a movie in the afternoon.

I think he’s totally worn out emotionally and mentally and tonight was a long one.  He’d written letters to Father Christmas and Cat Heaven tonight which had us both in floods of tears.  He’s missing Paddington terribly as are we all.  But as a parent, seeing your child so upset and not being able to fix it.  It’s tough.  Time will help I know, but right now it’s hard all round.

Thursday 17th December – Day 352

Project 366 2020 Week 51

I couldn’t sleep once I’d got my son settled, still wide awake and emotional at 3am.  Should have just got up but didn’t want to wake the OH up.  So by the time, it was time to get up I was just shattered.  Also came on yesterday after not having a period last month, so hormones all over the place.

After walking my son to school I headed into town to pick up the last present and deliver the last family cards before heading home.  I should have taken myself off for a walk but stayed home instead and baked.  Had run out of icing sugar so couldn’t ice these fairy cakes but my son won’t be bothered.

I also discovered that my son told his teacher a lie about a permission slip that he didn’t hand in today regarding booster sessions for next term.  As much as I do not agree with or care about the results of SATS test in May 2021, I do want my son to have any additional support he can get that will help him when he goes up to Secondary school.  My son doesn’t agree and was none too pleased when he discovered I’d found him out and updated his teacher. We had a long ‘discussion’ and finally he’s agreed to go for the first term next year.

Friday 18th December – Day 353

Project 366 2020 Week 51

A dull grey wet day to end the school year. Work was busy which was nice, but I was glad when I was done for the day.

Got home to some interesting post.  I don’t get the time I’d like to spend on my family history these days, but I’ve bought a couple of books recently which I’d hoped might mention my ancestors, and this one arrived today which includes my great uncle who is included on the Thames Ditton War Memorial.  I shall look forward to reading this over the holidays.

Finally success with the rebate for my Auntie from TV Licensing after months of chasing.  A nice 4 figure sum as she shouldn’t have been paying for years, but sad when you realise how little that will cover in her care home costs.

Saturday 19th December – Day 354

Project 366 2020 Week 51

A bit of sparkle for a grey and wet weekend. I was a bit disappointed when these arrived as they are redder than the purple they looked on the website, but the wraps look better on and I guess they’re rather Christmassy. Probably should have done them after messing around with melted chocolate later, but never mind!

Tonight will be all about chicken fajitas and Strictly – will you be watching? Go HRVY!

6 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 51

  1. I love all the Christmas photos! Your decorations are so pretty.
    We had santa go down our street too. I would have shared a photo but it would totally have given away where I live in Scunthorpe. lol
    What pretty nails. I will be doing mine next week. x

  2. I rhink Hrvy (and Maisie) were robbed in Strictly. I mean Bill is really good, but I think Hrvy should have won (although my favourite was Maisie throughout).

    N’s school don’t give ours a choice about booster sessions as they’re all done within school time (I think they have other interventions before school which are more about behavioural things/prepping for the day). N does spellings booster and then extra reading, last year he was doing reading comprehension too. I’m not sure why, but he also does timestables ones which are a bit of a mystery, but it sounds like most kids in N’s year do at least one booster session.

    1. Yes I thought HRVY was going to get it but I did like Bill’s showdance. Any of those three would have been a worthy winner really I think. We have interventions during school time too when kids needs to recap on maths/English, I think all schools do. He’s not keen on being at school an hour early for these though!

  3. I really wanted HRVY to win! We actually voted for him, but never mind. I am going to miss it once we get back to normal after Christmas. We also put our decs up early. Love the decs and your nails. I have often looked at wraps so will be interested to hear how you get on. Sounds like a good idea booster sessions hopefully he will get use to going. I am with you on SATs I am not sure I really agree with them but thats the system we use so I guess we have to go with it and get them set up as best we can. Not looking forward to when Charlie has to go through these.

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