Project 366 2020 Week 6

Project 366 2020 Week 6

Project 366 2020 Week 6 Day 33 – 39 the week that included three visits to the vet.

Sunday 2nd February – Day 33

Snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Garden

After feeling awful yesterday I was fully expecting to have to cancel our plans for today.  But I woke up and felt 100% better.  All very strange.

Anyway, we headed over to Gloucestershire to spend some exploring Painswick Rococo Garden to see their snowdrops.  It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a couple of years and this weekend was perfectly timed for the full display.

Their cafe was packed so we headed into Stroud for a late lunch and a walk around.  We found the canal and went for a walk, discovering a part that had only been built in the last twenty odd years.

Monday 3rd February – Day 34

Project 366 2020 Week 6

I wish I could report that these two were getting on better.  All is well when they’re asleep, they often both sleep in the living room in the evening.  But when they’re awake …… Paddington just cannot leave Brewster alone and whereas before Brewster would just totally ignore the young whippersnapper, now he hisses at him.  They’ll never be able to be put in the same pen in a cattery, that’s for sure!

My son came out of school in such a good mood, full of chatter, so unlike most after school afternoons these days.

Tuesday 4th February – Day 35

Cat with cat cone

What a day.  I’d noticed a cut on Brewster’s chin last week, but it was healing nicely so I didn’t think much of it until he seemed to cut it again, and this time it just didn’t look right at all.  So I rang the vet first thing and had an appointment for them to see him booked for the afternoon.

Turns out he’s been bitten on his chin a couple of times and Paddington is high up on the list of suspects.  He needed a chin shave and some antibiotics.  He was less than impressed and pooped all over his cat basket and himself as I was waiting to pay.  Thankfully the nurses did their best to clean him and the basket up before I took him home.  He’s confined to the house until the weekend and we really need to keep Paddington away from him until then too.  So that means that Brewster is living in my bedroom/ensuite.  Luckily for me, he actually slept all night so I did get some sleep.

In other news, things are all rather complicated with my Auntie’s situation and my Uncle is getting more confused by the day.  It’s really not an ideal situation for anyone and the sooner the LPA is in place and I can properly help, the better.

Wednesday 5th February – Day 36

Project 366 2020 Week 6

I relented and bought my son a version of Minecraft for his Nintendo Switch.  He was totally absorbed before school, but I can see I’m going to have to set some time limit ground rules.

A full-on workday with both jobs and then I booked flights to see my parents in the summer holidays.  A proper holiday for my son and I after only having the one night away in Southampton last year.  I need something to focus on and I know that I’m just exhausted really so to chill out with family is exactly what I need.

It also looks as if a foreign blog trip might be coming together for a few days so I’m just keeping everything crossed for that too!

Thursday 6th February – Day 37

Project 366 2020 Week 6

The only photo I took today was of a watch I’ve been sent for an Instagram campaign.  I have kiddy sized wrists so I had to get a jeweller to take a few links out of the strap so I could wear it.  £20 later! I have a watch that fits me.

It’s going to be a Brewster week this week clearly.  He was sick three times this morning, and the last time it had blood in it.  After the first episode, I rang the vet and they said to stop one of his meds, after the blood episode I had to take him back in.  More meds and we could take him home.  He ate a little bit of chicken and some gravy type liquid the vet gave me.

Friday 7th February – Day 38

Project 366 2020 Week 6

Woke up to a very foggy, white and frosty morning.  Brewster wanted to go out which I took as a good sign, but he’s hardly eaten anything and is drinking even less than that.

In the afternoon I was at a funeral with my ex-family.  My great-niece is two and a half now and she kept us all entertained and helped lighten the mood.

My son went to his best friend’s house after school for a play date and tea, he had a great time.

Saturday 8th February – Day 39

Project 366 2020 Week 6

Brewster wanted to go outside in the early hours but has refused all food and pretty much all fluids so I rang the vet first thing and he’s now with them.  They will put him on IV fluids and run some tests to see where we go from here.  So today will be spent waiting for the phone to ring with news.

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21 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 6

  1. How great to feel better on Saturday. It’s good that you didn’t have to cancel your plans.
    It’s a shame that Brewster & Paddington still don’t really get on. I hope with time that things change. Poor Brewster having to visit the vets. He hasn’t been well at all. I hope he’s better soon x

  2. I hope the phone call brings some reassuring news for you, poor Brewster.
    I think you well and truly deserve a relaxing break.
    Hope you get your Aunt’s issues sorted

  3. What a week with Brewster! I actually have tears in my eyes reading this because I know how awful the waiting and worrying will be for you. I really hope the vet can sort him out.
    Painswick is probably only about 10 or 12 miles from me, but I’ve never been to the Rococo Gardens!
    I hope you can get everything sorted for your auntie. You must be really looking forward to your trip abroad to see your parents.

  4. Oh no, hope your kitties manage to make the peace. Sounds like a nightmare. Poor Brewster, hope the vet will manage to sort him out. Love the snowdrops – I haven’t seen any of those this year. They’re beautiful 🙂

  5. Oh poor Brewster, hope that he is better soon and that he and Paddington can get along a little better. Those snowdrops are so pretty. We went out for a snowdrop walk last Sunday as well. #project366

  6. Hopefully Brewster continues to improve and the vets get to the bottom of it. Exciting about the potential blog trip. I need to start thinking about whether to take N abroad this year – properly for the first time. The thought of paying out for passports though is putting me off when we get away so much in the UK anyway.

  7. Good to hear you were feeling better on Saturday and that you didn’t have to cancel your plans. What a shame that Brewster & Paddington don’t really get on and poor Brewster having to visit the vets. I hope he’s better soon x

  8. Such a shame that Brewster and Paddington are still not getting on well together! And such a worrying week with Brewster having to go to the vets so often! Hope he is fully recovered now!

  9. Oh Mary, what a tough week, with your Auntie and Uncle, and the cat’s health issues. I have been following your updates on Facebook, and keeping fingers crossed for Brewster to recover completely with a new diet. We have Minecraft on Xbox, and Eddie loves it, He does play quite often, but not every day, and I’m sure Monkey will be the same, once the novelty wears off. The frost close-up looks like an alien landscape.

  10. The garden looks so beautiful! I’d love to be lost there for a whole day! Awww Brewster’s wearing the cone of shame. I hope they get along. Quite alot of extra expenses for a watch. The leaves look nice and frosty. Oh God I hope Brewster gets better

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