Project 366 2020 Week 7

Project 366 2020 Week 7

Project 366 2020 Week 7 Day 40-46 The week where Brewster came home so it’s another cat heavy week on the photo front.

Sunday 9th February – Day 40

Project 366 2020 Week 7

Storm Ciara was howling and it was most definitely a day to stay at home in the warm.  Brewster would be staying another night at the vet’s so they could run more tests but we got the chance to have a quick visit for cuddles.  We got him purring by the time we left.

Monday 10th February – Day 41

Apparently, this was comfortable, for Paddington at least.

I got the call that I could pick Brewster up early evening which was a great relief.  He’s on a special renal diet for life now (not cheap) and has to go back in two weeks for another full set of tests to check that there’s no change with him being at home.  Fingers crossed on that, insurance claim submitted too so really hoping they don’t find a way out of that as the last two weeks have come in at just under £1000!

Tuesday 11th February – Day 42

Project 366 2020 Week 7

My son and I are rather addicted to the cinnamon swirls from our local Tesco – we had earned these after the last few days.

Brewster is definitely feeling more like himself as he had me up from 3 am wanting to go out (against orders from the vet).  It was 4.30 am before he gave in but all morning he was constantly meowing to be let out, so in the end, I decided for both of our sanities I’d risk him being outdoors for a bit. He came home much happier.

Wednesday 12th February – Day 43

Project 366 2020 Week 7

A busy workday for me and then my son’s best friend came over for a play date and tea after school.  They both love hotdogs and the scoffed the lot.  It’s so lovely listening to them playing happily together upstairs while I got on with some work.

Late evening I got a message to say that my Auntie was being taken to hospital by ambulance.  Here we go again.

Thursday 13th February – Day 44

Project 366 2020 Week 7

I rang the hospital at 8 am and my Auntie was still in A&E – 10 hours later!! Don’t get ill in Kent.  Later in the day, there was news that she needs another scan.

The blog is seven years old this month, I’d meant to do a big celebratory thing last week but with everything that’s been happening, there wasn’t much to celebrate.  Hopefully, we will have a better week next week!

It was an open afternoon at school and there were lots of science experiments going on in the hall with external companies coming in to do demonstrations – it was very interesting.

Friday 14th February – Day 45

Project 366 2020 Week 7

Brewster is back to sleeping most of the day and venturing out at night.  I’m doing my best to keep him and Paddington apart and Brewster has decided my bedroom is his base now. He’s eating well and seems back to his old self.

I won tickets for the menfolk to go to a model railway exhibition on Sunday so fingers crossed the weather isn’t too bad for them.  We should originally have been in Derbyshire this weekend but my bestie had to postpone.  I probably should go down to Kent tomorrow but I’m really worn out and with a busy week ahead I might stay close to home instead.

Saturday 15th February – Day 46


Having been released from the hospital my Auntie has ended up back there again today after being sick again all night and we’re still waiting for news of which ward she’s being admitted to.  She clearly needs a procedure which she’s previously refused to have.  We’re hoping that common sense will finally prevail.

I actually got to sleep in until 9 am so the decision to stay home was a good one.  It’s poured down all day here and even the cats don’t want to go outside.

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day and certainly don’t expect flowers so I was rather amazed when the OH turned up with these last night.

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18 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 7

  1. Oh, gosh. You really have been through the mill. Sending an online hug and hope that things settle soon so you can celebrate your well deserved blogiversary.

  2. Aww! Poor Brewster. He does look very sorry for himself in that first photo. It must be good to have him home.
    Cinnamon swirls are very yummy!
    Oh no! That’s not good news about your Aunt! Sending love and hugs. x

  3. Glad Brewster’s back home. Hope your aunt gets the care she needs. We love cinnamon swirls here too – but prefer Starbucks ones as they’re less dry than supermarket ones

  4. What a week for your again! So glad Brewster is on the mend and hope all is still well when he goes back to the vet for his check-up. What a worry about your auntie, and it must be so hard for you being so far away.
    Happy birthday to your blog! It’s eight and a half years for mine, it will be 10 before I know it!

  5. So glad Brewster is home and looking much better – hope the insurance comes good. It must be a worry with your auntie especially as it’s quite a drive away.

  6. Aww poor Brewster – hope he’s feeling better now. The food is expensive – hope the insurance comes through, that’s a lot to pay out – eek! Hope your Auntie gets sorted too – that was a long time in A&E. Lovely flowers – spring is maybe finally on the way ?!

  7. So glad that Brewster appears to be much better and fingers crossed that the insurance claim goes through – that is a very expensive vet bill otherwise! I hope that your Auntie will be better soon – what a worrying week for you. Happy blog birthday to you. Mine will be six in April. Those tulips are so pretty. #project366

  8. we are not into Valentines day either, but glad you like your flowers.
    Thank goodness Brewster is ok. Ouch at the amount of the vet bill but that is why we have insurance as like you could not even begin to afford that amount of money. Have you checked if your pet insurance covers the specialist diet, ours doesn’t.
    Happy blogaversary to you.

  9. Hope your aunty gets the procedure she needs!

    Wow £1000! Hope the insurance covers it all for you. But glad he is better and home now

  10. What a week again! The vet’s bill is eye-watering. Hope the new diet will keep Brewster in good health. And your poor auntie being at the hospital. Hope she agrees to the whatever procedure she needs.
    Happy blogversary!

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