Project 366 2020 Week 8

Project 366 2020 Week 8

Project 366 2020 Week 8 Day 47-53 – The Half Term week

Sunday 16th February – Day 47

Project 366 2020 Week 8

I’d won tickets to the Milton Keynes Model Railway Show so I sent the menfolk off there for a few hours so I could have some peace and quiet and get sorted for our trip tomorrow.

I also got to watch some of The Crown boxset I’d bought with some Christmas money.

Monday 17th February – Day 48

Project 366 2020 Week 8

My son and I headed into work for a couple of hours before coming home to sort the cats out, pack the car up and head up the motorway to Worcestershire to see Suzanne from Chickenruby who has recently moved back from Dubai.  Our route was changed after she rang first thing to say that one of the major routes from the motorway was closed due to flooding. She worked out a diversion for me and we left home after a quick lunch.

To say we got through the floods by the skin of our teeth isn’t too much of an exaggeration, we drove through Upton upon Severn on what looked like a causeway with the tide coming in from both sides.  It was a hairy moment and I was mightily relieved to pull up on Suzanne’s driveaway.  We’d worry about the return journey tomorrow.

We finally got to meet Bob and Pushkins who are both lovely, but my son has most definitely fallen in love with Bob.

Tuesday 18th February – Day 49

Project 366 2020 Week 8

We spent the day with Suzanne.  We’d originally planned to visit Worcester for the day but the floods meant that that wasn’t an option so we headed out to explore the local area instead.  My son loves anything GWR related, new and old so he was super happy to have a short train journey on this train.

We headed home mid-afternoon, the rain was forecast, and I wanted to get back without any drama.  The main route to the motorway had reopened and we got home safely.  It had been a lovely time spent with Suzanne and just the change of routine that my son and I both needed.

Wednesday 19th February – Day 50

Project 366 2020 Week 8

Back to work for me and I did some of my ‘at home’ job early before my son came with me to my ‘away from home’ job for a few hours.  Back home to finish my hours for the ‘at home’ job, lunch and then we made use of our Buckinghamshire Railway Centre pass for a couple of hours.  It was their first steaming day of the year and my son was happy looking in the engine sheds and checking out what work had been done over the winter.

We heard that my auntie has had her medical procedure so hopefully, she’ll start to improve again, it’s her birthday next week and I’ll be gutted for her if she spends it in the hospital again (like last year).  I also got an email from the insurance company about Brewster and they are covering pretty much all of the costs.  Payment will be with me before my credit card bill needs to be paid which is even better news!

Thursday 20th February – Day 51

Project 366 2020 Week 8

The OH took the day off so he could do something with my son while I was working.  By 12 o’clock he’d still only managed to get out of the shower and make an ‘important’ phone call.  Pointless exercise and I felt gutted for my son.

I managed to finalise a blog review trip to Puy du Fou at the end of May, flights are now booked and we just have to arrange our own transfer from Nantes airport and back.  Really looking forward to it already.

My son received some post as a thank you for us supporting DC Comics, they brightened up his day.

Friday 21st February – Day 52

Project 366 2020 Week 8

Workday for me before spending some time catching up with old friends as we headed over to Stowe for a few hours.  The boys ran around and my friend and I got to catch up on each others news.  The boys haven’t seen each other for a while but they get on really well.  There was plenty of boy humour!

When we got home it was time for dinner and then packing for our next excursion.

Saturday 22nd February – Day 53

Den building at Anglesey Abbey

We headed off to Cambridgeshire for a review trip staying at The DoubleTree by Hilton Cambridge Belfry Hotel. We couldn’t check in until 3pm so we headed to Anglesey Abbey first, and got two new stamps for my son’s NT passport.

The weather was on our side and we had lots of fun outdoors before battling the Cambridge traffic to the hotel. Cookies on arrival won my son over instantly.

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25 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 8

  1. Ahh! I am halfway through watching The Crown. I must get back to it.
    I saw the thumbnail in the linky and thought I recognised the dog. hehehe What a scary sounding journey you have to Suzanne. Your boy looks so happy about the trip on the train.
    I hope your auntie is home for her birthday.
    That’s great news about the insurance company paying. It must be a weight off your mind. x

  2. Bet it’s a relief re the insurance company. We love Anglesey Abbey – one of our favourites with lots of outdoors interest for children. Cookies are always a good thing – we found they were very generous with them there!

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week and have managed to fit work around time with your son really well. It must have been really scary heading over to Suzanne’s in the floods, but glad you all had a good time and you made it home safely! I love that photo of your son with Bob.

  4. Aww how lovely to go and see Chickenruby – glad you made it, despite the rain ! Looks like your son got up to loads of fun during the holidays. It’s great that you can fit it all in around your job 🙂

  5. Thank goodness you manage to got to Suzanne’s unscathed.
    Good news on your Aunt , lets hope she makes it home in time for her birthday.
    Used to hate it when my ex would promise the kids and then let them down.

  6. That must have been nice to see Suzanne. And what good news on your aunt. I hope she is home before her birthday. Sounds like your son enjoyed the holidays xx

  7. That’s my dog lol, so weird to see him on your blog ha ha. Grrrrrr to Thursday but nothing less than you expected, shouldn’t hurt for your son to have some down time as long as you weren’t interrupted from working

  8. Oh I love The Crown. Haven’t yet managed to watch Season 3 though. Glad you managed to get through the floods to see Suzanne and back home again safely. I love the photo of your son with Bob and the one taken at Stowe. We’ve never visited Buckinghamshire Railway Centre – will have to add that one to our list for a visit at some point. How lovely to have a trip to Puy de Fou to look forward to and hope that your auntie is on the mend now she has had her medical procedure. #project366

  9. Oh how lovely that you got to meet Suzanne and Bob and Pushkins! The floods must have been scary but glad you got through them.

    Oh we went Anglesey Abbey last summer and loved it!

  10. Love that you got to meet Suzanne, Bob and Pushkins. You were lucky to get through before the water closed in. The review trips sound like fun – it’s been a while since I’ve done one.

  11. How lovely that you could meet up with Suzanne. Bob looks very relaxed in Monkey’s company, and vice versa. I watched The Crown on Netflix, the first two seasons are pretty good. I was less impressed with season 3, as I think that Olivia Colman was a bizarre choice, and Helena Bonham Carter always plays the same part in every single movie. Her quirky mannerisms grate on me.

  12. How lovely that you got to meet Suzanne. Always nice to meet other bloggers we know and are friends with. Glad you missed the floods. It’s been awful in some places. I used in Milton Keynes, but that was long time ago.

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