Project 366 2020 Week 9

Project 366 2020 Week 9

Project 366 2020 Week 9 Day 54 – 60 – The back to school week

Sunday 23rd February – Day 54

Project 366 2020 Week 9

We’d expected to wake up to awful weather as that’s exactly what had been forecasted.  But to our surprise it was dry, so after breakfast rather than going for a swim in the hotel pool, we decided to check out and head to Ely instead.  It’s somewhere I’d visited many years ago but couldn’t remember it.

The whole city offers free car parking so we parked close to the Cathedral and had a good walk around the city, explored Oliver Cromwell’s House, the Cathedral as well as the riverside and even the train station (yes we can now add a couple more train lines to my son’s collection!!).

After lunch, we headed home so I could get everything ready for school in the morning.

Monday 24th February – Day 55

Project 366 2020 Week 9

What a day!  Back to school and a normal routine.  The day didn’t start well.  I’d just walked home from the school walk to get in my car when a friend rang me to say the kids started school swimming this morning.  Our Parentmail had said it was next week but she’d been up to the class and a TA had told her it started today.  Cue mad dash to get his swimming stuff together so I could run back to school with it.  Text to boss to say I’d be late as I also needed to drop the car at the garage. Went to the school office only to be told that the TA was wrong, no swimming today.  Grrr.

By the time I got to work, I was shattered and the day hadn’t even begun.  My car needs two new tyres, the joys of the OH doing so much mileage in it, so I’ve got to take it back in on Wednesday to get those sorted.

Back from job one to start job two, then school pick up, shopping, homework, cooking dinner, sorting out packed lunches for tomorrow and a cup of tea was called for as I opened my blog emails.

Tuesday 25th February – Day 56

Project 366 2020 Week 9

Repeat test day for Brewster and thankfully he’s stabilised.  He’ll stay on his renal diet for life but he’s ok.  Relief.  Another three-figure vets bill – very glad we have insurance, again!

Whilst I was working a Parentmail came in saying that the Year 5/6 have the opportunity to go to RAF Fairford in the summer.  Limited tickets so I booked my son’s straight away and I’ve earned big brownie points for that this afternoon!  Pancakes for dinner probably helped too.

Wednesday 26th February – Day 57

Project 366 2020 Week 9

Work this morning and then time to get my hair cut.

Thursday 27th February – Day 58

snow on car

One of those mornings where you open the curtain to white skies and snow falling.  I don’t do snow when I need to get to places.  Thankfully it was light and soon turned to rain, so just enough time to put a few smiley faces on my car before it all got washed away.

Something happened at school that made me realise how quickly my son is growing up and I’m not prepared for some of it.  I don’t share ‘everything’ on the blog anyway and I’m guessing that there will be a lot more that won’t be shared from now on when it comes to him and growing up.

Friday 28th February – Day 59

Project 366 2020 Week 9

Discovering you’ve got leaking plumbing just before the school run on a Friday afternoon is not something I’d planned into my week.  It’s the feed from the mixer tap causing the issue and I’ve no idea how long it’s been leaking but everything at the back on the under-sink cupboard is soaking.  Joy, plumber can’t come until Monday.  If I don’t use the tap then the drips stop – sounds like a good excuse not to do the washing up!!

Saturday 29th February – Day 60

packing boxes

I was up bright and early this morning, this is the second lot of boxes that are going in my car to take down to my Auntie’s flat.  I’ll be there for the weekend sorting things out to keep and sell for her and see how much I can get done over two days.  The flat is close to her nursing home, t was her birthday on Thursday, so I’ll be popping in to see her too.  Wish me luck!

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24 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 9

  1. Gosh, what a week you’ve had. I’m surprised you had time to get a haircut. It looks lovely!
    Pleased to read that Brewster is stable. I hope he eats his special diet food and that the insurance company pays up promptly.

  2. The cathedral looks beautiful!
    Ugh! How annoying about the rushing about and the swimming not being on after all. It doesn’t sound like a good way to start the week.
    I’m glad Brewster is doing well. Thank goodness for the insurance!
    I hope the leak is an easy fix. What a week you have had x

  3. Hope you managed to get everything sorted you needed to at your aunt’s. I’ve never been to Ely. Impressive that they have free parking all over.
    The kids do grow up so quickly don’t they. It’s nuts. N’s very jealous of the Y5&6s because they seem to go on so many more trips and sports tournaments than the younger classes. Plus he told me today they get to do 4 PE sessions a week and his class only get 2.

      1. The head teacher teaches that class, so I think she uses that time to get ahead with head work rather than teaching. Gives them good time out from all the SATs pressures, and they still seem to get everything covered. Don’t know how she does it

  4. What a pain about the swimming situation! Well done on getting the Fairford tickets. We always say we’d like to go, but never get round to it. Hope you got on OK with sorting out your auntie’s flat, it sounds like hard work! I’ve been sorting out my own bedroom and that’s been bad enough!

  5. Ely looks lovely and I’m very impressed that they have free parking. Love the new hair – lovely to see a pic of you 🙂 Great news for Fairford, not so much for the swimming – grrr !

  6. Goodness what a week. That is impressive you fitted in a haircut. It’s lovely. Glad to read Brewster is stable. I hope the insurance company pay out quickly xx

  7. I’m glad Brewster is doing so well – just as well you had insurance. I like the new hair do. Hope you can get that tap fixed quickly.

  8. Ely looks like a beautiful place to explore and free parking is always a bonus. Glad that Brewster is doing well. Monday sounds like it was very stressful! Good luck for getting the tap fixed and sorting out things at your auntie’s flat. #project366

  9. No I dont share everything especially about the kids and grandkids, especially the older two, not my news to share.
    Not sure I could be bothered with two jobs in one day, would rather have them on separate days, but makes sense to get a day or two off.
    Looks like you had fun last weekend seeing all the different places, so at least there is some positives about clearing out the flat.

  10. Ely looks and sounds like a great place to explore!

    How annoying re the swimming!

    So glad Brewster has stabilised.

  11. I got scared a bit by that huge picture of Brewster. The Cathedral looks beautiful and I bet wherever you go, you never forget to go to the train station. Day 55 was a very tough day. Great to know Brewster is alright but lifelong renal diet? Happy belated birthday to Auntie. True. You shouldn’t share everything about your son pus your son may not share everything..teenager mentality

  12. Monday sounds horrendous compared to the relaxing day you had on sunday. Bugger re the swimming, feel free to contact me anytime you need to offload about child, guarantee I’ve heard/experienced it all before and probably have a response to most things on how I wished I’d done things differently. Hope the packing at your aunts went well and you enjoyed your visit to see her. Hope the plumbing issues were resolved without too much hassle

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