Protecting your pet on Bonfire Night #Petplan

Protecting your pet on Bonfire Night #Petplan

I love fireworks, I’m a real kid when it comes to a good display and Monkey is counting down the days until we can go to the organised display in town.  But as much as I love fireworks for myself and Monkey, I’m not so keen as a pet owner.  You definitely need to think about protecting your pet on Bonfire Night.  I’ve grown up with pets, whether it be Macaws and Cockatoo’s, Rabbits, Gerbils and Hamsters or Cats and Dogs.  My parents may have ended up with the cleaning and feeding responsibilities when I was younger, but I’ve always been aware of the need to keep our beloved pets safe on Bonfire Night.

Our first dog Tracey, came from a rescue home.  She was beautiful, but a nervous wreck, bless her.  Our second dog Rio (no guessing who my favourite band was!) lived with us from puppydom.  She was full of life, would do her best to knock my Dad over, all 6 foot of him but even she wasn’t keen on the loud bangs that came with Fireworks Night.

Protecting your pet on Bonfire Night

Then you come to the cats, we had 4 cats at home and I’ve had 3 since leaving home.  I’ve always felt that cat owners need to take extra care to ensure their cats are actually indoors well ahead of any likely display starting.  Fireworks seems so much more readily available these days and people seem to let them off anytime from Halloween until the weekend after 5th November.  Great to look at, not so great to prepare for with pets!

It’s the one time of the year I make sure we have a litter tray in the house and ensure that Brewster is housebound.  Not something he enjoys in the slightest.  We’ve always kept the curtains shut for our pets and have made sure there is normal background noise in the house, whether it be the television or music.  Although it can be frustrating for cats to stay in, especially when they like partying like our Brewster, it’s always better to keep them indoors, where you know they are safe.

Petplan’s pet insurance have got some really good tips for protecting your pet on Bonfire Night.  Keep them safe and then we can all enjoy the fireworks.

Protecting your pet on Bonfire Night

Do you have any tips to add to this list?

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