Reading progression

Reading progression

As you all know, my Monkey son does everything at his own pace. Although he loves books and will happily sit with me for hours, literally, and let me read to him, it’s been a bit of a battle to get him to take the lead. But since starting in Year One we’ve seen so many changes in Monkey. He has decided that actually he might like to read himself, and he’s started to really try with his reading at school. His confidence is growing in all areas and he’s more willing to show others what he is truly capable of. I know it’s all there, in his head, he understands, it’s just been difficult to convince him to share his knowledge with the rest of us.  We are seeing reading progression and it’s just wonderful.

Slowing he is starting to take an interest in helping me to read the books we have at home. Ok, its slow progress, we pick a word and he has to say it out loud every time it’s mentioned in the story but it’s a start. Sometimes he needs more convincing than others to join in, sometimes he sees it as a big game and sometimes he actually volunteers other words to read as well. He can read, it’s there, he gets phonics, gives me lessons in CVC words and connectives. Now it’s just putting all that into practice and getting him to a point where he willingly opens up a book to read himself.

He loved the Jelly and Bean books, he blows hot and cold with Biff, Chip and Kipper (what daft names for children – a view we both share), but we’ve been stuck on Red banded books forever. I’ve learnt that Monkey is quite happy not to be challenged. He’d happily be reading red banded books for the rest of Year One. But it’s become obvious that he is capable of more, and I’ve left a few comments in his reading book. It’s time for a challenge. He’s ready. Luckily they are seeing it in class too and on Monday afternoon Monkey came bounding out of school. Mummy I’m on yellow! Yellow? Yes Miss P says I can read Yellow books. Oh wow! That’s fab. Well done Monkey. Mummy I might need help, but I can try can’t I? Yes Monkey, trying something new is good.

So we got home. What does a Yellow banded book entail? Well we’ve gone up to 20 plus pages. So the first challenge will be to keep him focussed through the whole book. Some of the words are longer – chocolate! Well that’s should grab him! There’s more language, but actually yesterday morning he read the first 12 pages straight off. He needed help with ‘know’ and looked at the length of ‘chocolate’ and almost gave up without trying, but with help, sounding out, he got it. So on the first read, he read over half the book by himself and the smile was there for all to see.

Reading progression

He’s taking things at his own pace, I worry that he’s getting left behind and that this could be a recurring theme through school, but he’s trying, and I’m proud of him. The enthusiasm is finally there, and hopefully that’s something we can build on. He loves books and I’m so excited for him of the world that awaits for an independent reader.


5 thoughts on “Reading progression

  1. He’s doing brilliantly well. I think N’s going to be just the same. His interest is hit and miss, he loves having me read books, and will happily do writing but of his own accord and creation. It’s got to be a lot about confidence and them being more interesting in looking, judging and taking things in before trying it themselves, so I’m hoping I can encourage N to keep trying. Bite sized seems to work…and the promise of food.

  2. It’s so lovely to hear that Monkey is hurting to try new things. The latter half of this yr I’ve read about him pushing his own boundaries – no wonder you’re pleased and proud. Learning to read can be a real challenge and I agree with you it’s also about confidence. I also think the books on offer sometimes don’t help either – Biff Chip and friends do nothing for my boy either!
    Well done, Monkey xx

  3. Sounds like he’s doing really well, and good for him for pushing his boundaries and trying something new. I think kids come much further going at their own pace than being pushed into a pace that does not suit them just to keep up with others. #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. Well done Monkey! I’m a firm believer in letting children get there at their own pace, otherwise too much pushing can have the opposite effect.
    He’s found his enthusiasm for reading and it’s opening up a whole new world for him.
    My two never understood why children would be called Chip, Biff and Kioper either!
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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