recognising letters

Recognising letters

We went out for lunch on Mother’s Day, it wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever eaten, but it will now always hold a special place in my heart.  Halfway through lunch Monkey looked out of the restaurant window at the shops on the other side of the road.  Look Mummy, I can see a F for Fish and a Slippery S.  Monkey was recognising letters with no prompting.

Now, I know that a lot of his peers have been able to do this for ages.  I mention it to friends, and I can see in their eyes, oh, right, mine have been doing that forever.  But this is Monkey, the boy who takes everything in like a sponge, but holds it in his head for a very long time.

The last few weeks Nursery School have introduced Read Write Inc Phonics to the children in Monkey’s class.  All of a sudden, something has clicked with Monkey.  Believe me, we have lots of ABC books, we read all the time as you know.  But being interested in showing me that he’s recognising letters?  Not on your life.  We had the first breakthrough when he wrote the first letter of his name last week.

Recognising lettersNow Monkey is recognising letters, but also sharing that information with us without being prompted.  I’d thought that the special moment for Mother’s Day was having a card where he’d written the first TWO letters of his name.  But no!  My Monkey was saving up his magic moment for later in the day.

He does already know letters, we update out magnetic calendar every morning.  But every morning I have to ask him to find the F day or the M day. Sunday was special, it was all about him recognising letters and sharing information with me, without any instigation from me.

Recognising letters He definitely earned his ice cream on Sunday for giving me such a magical moment for Mothers Day.


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  1. It’s fabulous when it sudden to clicks isn’t it! Isaac seems to be able to read more and more now – this could get dangerous lol

  2. Well done Monkey! Now he has started there will be no stopping him. E used to love phonics at nursery and it really helped him to pick up all of the letters.

  3. LP has just started counting and it is the most amazing thing! I really cannot wait until she’s learning letters and reading and things. It’s all such a great achievement – Well done Monkey! x

    1. Yes, I think it’ll be a long process here. Although he is clearly taking it all in. He sat with the phonics card and was telling me how to form various letters. Of course, like you, getting him to put that into practice …..

  4. As far as I’m aware they don’t do any phonics at our nursery school, we certainly don’t have a ‘scheme’ in place. Bud is clicking with his writing at the moment. He doesn’t clearly write his name yet but it looks more like writing than it ever did before!

    1. They are just going to introduce it at Monkey’s old pre-school, and this is a new phonics scheme introduced at Monkey’s school a couple of years ago. The kids in Nursery class have only been introduced to it for a few weeks. The results are really quite impressive! My friends who go to different schools locally use a different phonics scheme!

  5. That’s just wonderful, and the best gift for Mother’s Day! It’s a big step forward in learning the alphabet.

  6. That’s fab – it’s amazing when they start to recognise letters and words and what perfect timing to show them off for Mother’s day – Well done Monkey!! I have to say a preschool like Monkey is at is good for that. We’ve just moved B to one from a nursery and the difference is amazing although having said that M never went to a preschool and knew little when she started big school but picked it up so quick and is now one of the best readers in the class!

  7. Bless him that’s wonderful. Read Write Inc is becoming increasingly popular. I hadn’t heard of it till this time last year but I’ve now been in quite a few schools using it x

  8. Perfect Mother’s Day moment 🙂 it’s amazing when it suddenly clicks! isn’t it? #MagicMoments

  9. that is brilliant – well done Monkey! That is such a special milestone regardless of when they can do it. I know i’ll be so excited when Miss T gets to that stage x

  10. This really is amazing and fantastic that he is pointing out letters on his own. Your Monkey does remind me of my little guy, takes it all in until they are ready to use it. What a great present for Mother Day.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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