Reflections - Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 120616

Reflections – Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 120616

We returned from a week in Portugal earlier this week and it’s fair to say that we left a little bit of our hearts behind.  The holiday was more about relaxing and spending time with my parents, than gallivanting around the country like I normally would.  But even so, we got to see a bit of what this beautiful country has to offer.  Right now I’d really like to be back on this beach, looking at the reflections at Praia da Rocha.  It really is a stunning place.

Reflections - Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 120616

Have you been to Portugal?  I’m determined to return and explore some more. Recommendations always welcome.



13 thoughts on “Reflections – Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 120616

  1. What a brilliant photo, the reflections are amazing. I’ve never been to Portugal, but it sounds like you enjoyed your holiday.

  2. Portugal was the first place I ever visited on holiday with my mam when I was about 11 or 12. I’d love to go back with my kids! Beautiful photo x

  3. That looks wonderful – love the reflections and the colour, no wonder you would like to be back there!

  4. I’ve done the Algarve a fair few times, Prair De Roche was quite quiet I found in comparison to Albufeira. Vilamora was more classy I guess but just didnt have the spark that Albufeira seemed to offer.
    Albufeira has an old town and a new town, I prefer the old town as its far more buzzing with little bars (Sir Harrys Bar is a must!).

  5. Gorgeous photo. I’ve never been to Portugal but it’s somewhere I really want to go. Thanks for linking up to #CheckOutThatView x

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