Reorganising my work space

Reorganising my work space

Before my son was born and therefore before I started this blog, if I ever wanted to use the computer I’d just disappear into the spare room, fire up the tower computer and work away.  Whether it be a report I need to finish for work after an overseas visit or some research for my family history project.  The space wasn’t great, but I was never there for long so it didn’t matter.  Then my son arrived, work stopped and there was no time for surfing the internet.  My other half brought a laptop so he could do some of his work from home and before I knew it we’d lost the dining table and our living room became his work from home office too.  So when I started the blog it was just easier to hop onto the laptop and work there too.  But it’s not ideal, everything is at the wrong height and I’m really starting to suffer.  It’s time to spend some time reorganising my work space, and looking at different options for desks, chairs and office stationery in general.

Reorganising my work space

Of course, I need to think of something that will also work for my husband.  He uses this space on Mondays and Wednesdays and is considerably taller than me.  So really we need to look at a proper desk space, rather than the dining table as a starting point.

Ideally we need to move ‘the office’ upstairs into the spare room and reclaim the dining table.  But it’s so convenient for both of us to be working in the living room while my son is playing.  It makes flexible working work for us.

We rarely actually use our table for eating at, so may be we should just sell it and get a corner desk that would fit in this part of the living room.  A proper adjustable office chair is something I’ve wanted for ages.  I’m really struggling with neck and shoulder pains and I know it’s because I’m sitting at a dining table, on a dining chair, totally at the wrong level to work with a laptop.  My old Health and Safety Officer would not be impressed that I’m ignoring everything she once taught me.  The chair needs to be adjustable and work for both me at 5’6″ and my other half at 6’2″ and supportive for my back.  It also needs to move easily on our carpet.  I know, we really should move the office upstairs!

It’s time to spend time reorganising my work space and not only sort out my desk and chair but also look at all the accessories we need.  Office Stationery provide pretty much everything we need to sort out this mess I call a home office.  I’ve also noticed that as well as helping with our desk, chair and general office accessory requirements, they also supply a range of craft papers, display shapes and even papier-mache sachets.  So not only can I get myself organised, but I can keep my son happy with a range of arts and crafts items too.

What would you recommend as a much have item in your home office space?

disclosure:  this is a collaborative post

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