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Today I’m going back in time thanks to The Photo Gallery – this week the topic is Rewind.

I always think of my family at this time of year.  My Papa’s birthday was on Valentine’s Day, so as soon as I see anything related to that day, I just think of him.  Then my Mum will be 70 at the beginning of March. Hardly seems 5 minutes ago that my brother and I were making some god awful ‘thing’ for her 40th birthday! So I start to rewind, take myself back in time.  I was looking through an old album yesterday for a photo of me and Papa for another post, and I came across this one.

I am on rewind, I’ve gone back to June 1992 – that’s the only excuse I can offer for my hair!

RewindThis is me with my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary.  They don’t like parties, they don’t like fancy meals.  It was just a simple meal out at a pub restaurant they both liked.  One of my friends at the time made wedding cakes as a sideline, and I asked her to make the cake you can see as a surprise.  Mum had red roses for her wedding bouquet so J made a little arrangement of them in sugar paste – they were beautiful.  Mum cried, getting weepy does run in the family.

I rewind to that moment in time.  I was 24, with my ex but not married, my parents didn’t own passports, let alone have thoughts of retiring to rural Spain.  I’d love to rewind the clock and drop the whole ‘so would you ever emigrate?’ question into the conversation.  I have a feeling I know exactly what the answer would have been! But I also know what the answer would have been if anyone had suggested I would one day be a mother!

I rewind to look at three people sitting at a table together, not one of them knowing how life would send them in some very unexpected directions. Twenty two years have passed since that photo was taken.  But I look at it, rewind, and it seems like yesterday!

Rewind – #TheGallery

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  1. A lovely look back – hairdo and all!
    Do think that too – about all the things that have happened since a photo and what it would be like to pop back and give the younger me a pointer or two…

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