Room 101

I’ve been challenged by Jo at The Adequate Parent to list my three biggest dislikes to throw into Room

Well my first entry into Room 101 would have to be custard.

Room 101, Custard

I cannot stand the stuff, not the smell, not the look and most definitely not the taste.  It all goes back to my childhood.  I’m not the biggest fan of milk, don’t mind a small amount in my tea and on my cereal, but otherwise not fussed. You’d certainly never get me drinking a glass of it, so anyway, this probably goes some way to explain my deep loathing of the yellow stuff.  My Mum would make custard fairly regularly and always serve it in a blue Tupperware lidded jug.  The mere thought of that jug still turns my stomach to this day.  My brother feels the same.  I can imagine Mum tipping the jug up, the hinged lid opening and out dropping the thick, gloopy custard skin.  Only one word describes that fully – disgusting!  She would do everything to try to get me to eat custard – there was, is and always will be, NOT a chance in hell.  Goodbye Custard – hello Room 101.

My second choice for Room 101 would be Bad Time Keeping!

Time keeping, Room 101

There goes my husband – the world’s worst timekeeper.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m normally very organised and only very rarely (yes, I am human) am I late – for anything.  I can’t stand being late, it really stresses me out.  I could hardly cope with my son being born nine days later than his due date! I can’t see any reason in this day and age for anyone to be late.  My husband manages it in spectacular style – we are at polar opposites on this subject.  I probably verge on the edge of being TOO early for everything, but I’m where I need to be, I’m sorted and I’m happy, even more, important with a little boy in tow.

To be late to me is rude.  You’ve been asked to be somewhere for a certain time, you are there by that time at the very latest.  Not twenty minutes later, one hour later and sometimes even later than that in Daddy P’s case.  I’m not just picking on him though, I know a lot of bad timekeepers!

So what to choose as my third Room 101 item???? Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this one and realised that something does wind me up every time we walk to and from pre-school and that would be dog pooh and lazy dog owners!

Dogs, Room 101It’s a well-known fact that I love cats.  But we had a dog at home and I loved both of them.  I like dogs, just my personal choice to own a cat instead. But if you own a dog, why can’t you clear up after it?  Why can’t you use the bins provided (and paid for by us the taxpayer) to put your dog’s pooh in?  Why do you let your dogs mess all over pathways being used regularly by children especially, walking to and from school?  I can’t believe that every dog owner that lets leaves their dogs deposits lying around has no family, no one that could be affected by their laziness.

We have a Woods not too far away from where we live, it’s a short drive away and I’ve only been a couple of times when I can go with a friend.  Both times we’ve spent the entire visit trying to prevent our boys from walking in dog pooh.  I’m not saying don’t walk your dogs there, I’m just saying, don’t be selfish, pick the muck up and dispose of it.  Do these people not know what damage it can do, especially to children.

So those are my three choices – would you agree?  What would you pick? My next dilemma – which three bloggers to nominate to share their picks for Room 101??

Well, I’ve decided to pick the following lovely ladies and great bloggers – Iona at Redpeffer, Nichola at F.A.B. at Forty and Jaime (who I finally got to meet last week :)) at The Oliver’s Madhouse and ask the three of you to spill the beans on your choices for Room 101 – on your marks, get set ….. GO!


14 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. I totally agree about the second 2. I pride myself on generally being on time, and my children are never late for school. I’ve been disappointed recently that I seem to be late for more than I ever have.
    Owners who don’t pick up dog poo are a pet hate of mine, it’s disgusting and dangerous. I always shout at them when I see them and often it embarrasses them enough “Do you need a bag for that?”

  2. Hi there, new reader. I adore custard, always have. Stick some bananas in it and I’m in heaven. I would love to be on time but I suffer from “disappearing half hour syndrome”. Not sure how it happens…. Urgent nappy change, temper tantrum….and then there’s the children. I Get stressed about it. I get up early but we’re always running late. I’m with you on the dogs though. I love dogs but hate lazy dog owners and also people whose dogs are untrained. Train your dogs to sit and come please. It’s not difficult. Untrained = dangerous IMO.

  3. It upsets and annoys me immensely to see the dog poo in the streets, on the side walks and especially in the play area. I hate the irresponsible dog owners who don’t clean the mess.
    I’m not a big fan of custard, but don’t hate it. Poor you. 🙂

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