Saying goodbye to a friend

Saying goodbye to a friend

Today is going to be such a hard day, today we are saying goodbye to a friend.  Not just any friend, the partner of my best friend.  A man I’ve known for nearly twenty-five years, the half that made my best friend whole.  He was one of those people that everyone liked, he just had the ability to get on with everyone.  He made us laugh, a lot.

He’d retired at the beginning of this month, something that he’d been planning for years.  To be able to retire and enjoy life at fifty, a goal achieved, but short-lived. He was going to get all those jobs around the house done that had been left.  He was going to relax, enjoy his cycling and just enjoy life.

I’ve now said goodbye to two friends over the last twenty years who went out one morning and never came home.  Twice there’s been a phone call that couldn’t be comprehended.  One friend went out on his motorbike for a ride in the sunshine before he went to work in February 2000.  This friend was taking part in Velo in and around Birmingham, doing something he loved.  He cycled a lot, he wasn’t a novice, it is still totally incomprehensible that he didn’t come home to my bestie at the end of the day.

Saying goodbye to a friend today is going to be hard, it’s hard to lose him and it’s also hard to imagine my bestie living without him.  It’s going to be hard to finally get to meet his family and the friends I’ve heard so much of over the years but never met before.  Tragic that his passing is the reason this will be happening.

It’s heartbreaking but we have so many happy memories of time spent with him.  Many, many drunken nights, good meals and wonderful holidays.  So much laughter was enjoyed.  I shall miss his laughter, his mickey taking of me and my bestie, I shall miss his advice.  I shall miss sharing a bottle of wine with him, whilst chilling watching some rubbish film my bestie has picked for us to watch.  I shall miss his company, I will just miss a good man.

Saying goodbye to a friend

There will be tears today as we spend time saying goodbye to a friend, but there will be tears of happiness thrown in with the sadness too.  Sleep well Grumpy Lunny, you will forever be in my heart.


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