School Sports Day

School Sports Day

Last week Monkey had his School Sports Day.  He’s in the Nursery Class, so they had the first time slot of the day.  Monkey takes after his father, not particularly sporty.  Zero interest in football.  I was filled with a slight sense of doom first thing that morning – Mummy, I am too big to go on a Space Hopper, Mummy I don’t like Bean Bags, Mummy I might do some running.

Ok, I said.  Look, the important thing about a School Sports Day, is taking part, winning really doesn’t matter, just try to join in.  I could tell it was going on deaf ears.  To be totally honest, with 26 sets of parents looking on, I really had no expectations of Monkey doing anything.  But I kept my fingers crossed.

School Sports Day

All started well, Monkey was sat with his Green team, which included his best friend G. Hopefully he’d join in the fun of School Sports Day.  He waved over to Daddy P and I, we kept our fingers crossed.

First up for Team Green was the obstacle course.  This was quite a big thing for Monkey, he’s not the best at climbing frames and tunnels.  He wouldn’t do all of the course, but he tried some it, and went round a couple of times.  He’d had a go, we couldn’t ask more than that.

School Sports Day School Sports Day School Sports Day

Next up was the running race.  We were hopeful, Monkey seemed to be warming to the idea of School Sports Day.

On your marks, get set, go!

School Sports Day

He was off and running next to his best friend.  He loved it so much he kept going, rather than turning round and running back.  I think he thought he was being told off, rather than encouraged to turnaround.  He ran back to the end of the course, but that was it. Monkey had had enough of School Sports Day.

When it was his turn to run again he refused, the Key Worker asked if I’d see if I could persuade him.  He was adamant.  NO!  Ok, I could run with you?  NO, Ok, shall I run for you? YES.  So there was I, running against a row of 4 year olds.  I couldn’t win.  Monkey cheered me on, but he was having none of it.

As the Green Team went from activity to activity Daddy P and I both tried to persuade Monkey to join in.  No Mummy, I’m just watching.  Ok, you just watch then.

School Sports Day

Maybe next year will be different, but Monkey really wasn’t that fussed on this year’s School Sports Day!

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14 thoughts on “School Sports Day

  1. Hahah the image of you having to run in his place is quite funny 😀 But oh dear. Hopefully things will go better next year!! 🙂

  2. I remember being rubbish at nursery sports day. I’d be at the start with my egg and spoon, while everyone else had finished. Then moved house, moved schools and all of a sudden loved sports day and ended up getting into the proper sports races rather than the fun ones, so there’s hope for everyone who starts off hating sports days.

    I think N will just do his own thing and run off when he wants to. Bizarrely they’ve put his nursery school sports day starting at 11.30- 12.30 with a party afterwards/water slides etc. All very well, but there’s no way I’ll be able to go for the sports bit only and then go back to work, so think I’ll have to miss it. Hopefully his day nursery will do their sports day around 3pm like they usually do and that’ll be more realistic to get to.

  3. Oh they have to have things their own way don’t they? That running photo of him is so cute! x

  4. LOL rather you than me! I think he is still quite young to be in a full on sports day. It’s great that he took part and I am sure next year will be completely different!

  5. i love the look of concentration on his face on that balance beam. He did so well joining in with some things. Sometimes we really need to remind ourselves just how amazing it is with the things they DO do, rather than worrying about the things they didn’t join in with. I know I am guilty of feeling dissappointed with J when he refuses to join in with something instead of celebrating everything he has done. xxx

  6. Good on monkey for giving the first few go, I always hated sports day! I cant imagine how funny it looked you racing a bunch of children lol #SSAA

  7. Aww bless him! Sports days are always a bit “ooh, will they take part?”. Well done for running with him and thanks for linking up 🙂

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