Schumi A Ferrari Legend

Schumi A Ferrari Legend

You all know I’m a huge Ferrari fan.  My What’s the Story? post this week is about Schumi a Ferrari legend.  I’ve been really undecided about whether to write this post or not.  But these are just my personal feelings about a man who was a huge part of my Formula One life for so many years.

He was such a major part of reviving Ferrari, I’ve cheered him on to many victories over the years.  Tried in vain to get his autograph when he raced for my boys in red.  Finally I achieved my goal in 2011, he was racing for Mercedes by then, but it was still a wonderful moment to finally stand next to him, get his autograph, take some photos.  He was more relaxed by then, less to prove I guess, less pressure from a different team?

Schumi A Ferrari Legend Schumi A Ferrari Legend

He exuded confidence, determination and resilience.  Traits that I hope will see him through the greatest fight of his life right now.

I sat in disbelief last week hearing the news of his terrible skiing accident.  I’ve recently read Richard Hammond’s (Top Gear) autobiography On the Edge, which includes the time after his crash in a jet car.  He suffered brain damage at the time and the hours, days, months and years are retold by him and his wife in the book.  It was a very moving read, especially when you know the ending, you know he will make it through.

At the moment, who knows what will happen in that hospital in Grenoble.  My thoughts are with Corinna, Schumi’s wife.  I sat with my brother, by his wife’s hospital bed nearly 4 years ago.  She was in a coma, very different circumstances, but it was still very uncertain what the outcome would be.  It was one of the most traumatic moments of my life, watching her, watching my brother, knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do for him, her, their kids, other than just be there.  It still makes me cry now.  It was like being in a bubble, the world stopped.  I cannot imagine going through that experience with the world’s media camped outside, with a totally sick ‘human being’ pretending to be a priest, trying to get a scoop – sick, sick, sick.  I can’t imagine having to fight the gauntlet of the camera’s every time family enter and leave that hospital.  They are going through the worst kind of hell right now.  I wish ‘we’ could leave them in peace, let Schumi, a Ferrari legend, fight his fight, but do it in peace.

I am willing Schumi to conquer his injuries, to win this ‘championship’. I just wish that ‘we’ would realise that although he is a legend, he is also just a man, a husband, a father, a son, a brother who, right now just deserves a bit of peace and anonymity.  I wish you well Michael, I truly, truly do.

17 thoughts on “Schumi A Ferrari Legend

  1. I was shocked when I heard about his accident. It brought back memories of the afternoon we were celebrating my brother’s birthday in Brazil and Senna had his accident. It was such a sad day, the whole country cried.

    Wishing Schumacher a speedy recovery! x

  2. Such a shock wasn’t it. It amazes me how someone who has taken part in such a dangerous sport his whole life can injure himself so badly once he has retired. Fingers crossed he will pull through!

  3. An incredible post Mary and beautifully written – it must have been a really hard one. I was astounded when I heard the shocking news about Schumi too. As you mentioned it does remind me of Richard Hammond, I hope he pulls through too. I really do. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  4. I was shocked about his accident as you tend to think of someone like that as immune almost. I’m guessing he liked speed and adventure off the track too. Hope he makes a quick and full recovery.

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