Scottish Friendly Letterfall UK Championship

Scottish Friendly Letterfall UK Championship

Are you a killer player at Scrabble?  Able to suss out the Countdown conundrum in seconds?  If you are sitting there nodding away then you may well be interested in taking part in the Scottish Friendly Letterfall UK Championship.

Scottish Friendly Letterfall UK Championship

The Scottish Friendly Letterfall UK Championship started on 22nd September and the top player from each of the 4 UK countries at noon on Monday 3rd November 2013 will be selected to take part in the Grand Final in Glasgow on 28th November 2014.  Not only will they receive £100 each for being the highest placed player from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, but if they win the final they will receive a further £500 and a trophy!  Not bad.

So are you up for the challenge?  Fancy trying to get to the top of the relevant leader board by noon on Monday? You can even practice first with the Standard Letterfall game, but remember those scores won’t count in the challenge itself. It’s really easy to sign up – just click here to get started.

The Scottish Friendly Book tour has been running for the last 15 years with the Scottish Book Trust to bring children’s authors from around the world to schools and libraries across the country.  The Letterfall UK Championship is another great way to promote literacy whilst us older kids can have some fun at the same time.

UPDATE – 31.12.14

I thought you might be interested to know the results of the Scottish Friendly Letterfall Competition – so here’s a little summary for you:

Games Played by Territory:

Territory Games

Region                        Games Played            Numbers of Contestants

England                               865                                        121
Scotland                              306                                         32
Wales                                   140                                         17
Northern Ireland               258                                        11

Most Interesting Words in the Final:

Word                                    Points

BRAMBLINGS                       190
HORSEPLAY                          180
HOGSHEAD                           128
EXCULPATE                          207
SAWHORSES                         135
AIRPOWER                            104
JIMMIED                                119

The Letterfall Championship 2014 winner as run by ISA provider Scottish Friendly, was 20-year-old Nichola Leaver.  Congratulations Nichola.

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