Secret Santa with our NCT group

Secret Santa with our NCT Group

I’ve written a number of posts about our NCT group, friends who I would never be without.  Friends who I would never even have, if we hadn’t all been due to have babies in December 2009.  It still amazes me that we get on so very well, whether we’re with the children or not.  I’ve loved watching all of our children arrive in this world and grow into the most amazing group of children.  They’ve been joined by a number of brothers and I wonder if our group will grow some more yet.  Every December since 2010 we’ve had a Secret Santa with our NCT group.

Secret Santa with our NCT GroupAlthough Miss E decided to surprise everyone and be a Halloween baby in 2009, we agreed right from the start that we wouldn’t do separate birthday and Christmas presents for our group.  We decided to do Secret Santa instead.  It’s worked really well, and we’ve included our new additions as they’ve joined the fold.

Secret Santa with our NCT groupThese photos were taken in December 2010 at Rugrats and Half Pints in Banbury.  We spent a lot of time there in the childrens’ first year – they have a great baby sensory area, it was a special place for us.

We’ve spent the last two Secret Santa get together’s nearer to home, but this year we decided to return to Banbury and spend a few hours celebrating Christmas with all of our NCT group.  Even the Dad’s were there this year, extra special. The kids played and then we all sat down to lunch, even the youngest of our gang is sitting in a high chair, eating now, at 10 months old.  I looked around at this wonderful group of children, all happily munching on their lunch. All, so much a part of my life, all so much a part of Monkey’s life.  It was a magical moment, just looking at the children, looking at the parents, a group of friends I’m sure I’ll have forever.  A group of children I love watching as they grow up, each amazing us in a different way.

Fate pulled us together, happiness, sadness and of so many wonderful moments, have kept us together.  Secret Santa with our NCT group is an annual event, a magic moment, a time to reflect and just enjoy our truly amazing little people.

Secret Santa with our NCT groupI left Daddy P in charge of the camera so I can blame him for the fact that the photos including our second generation kids have all got their heads cut off!

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16 thoughts on “Secret Santa with our NCT Group

  1. I think having a close group of friends like this is so special, particularly as you and your children grow together. I hope you continue to enjoy it all 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post Mary, it’s amazing how supportive the people we meet at NCT can be. So lovely that you’re all still in contact with each other too. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. It’s so nice to read you’re all still in touch and meeting! I found a few NCT buddies of mine began to drift as we all went back to work but there’s four of us still going strong! #MagicMoments x

  4. I didn’t do NCT which I slightly regret now. How wonderful that you have such a close group of friends as a result! Lovely post 🙂

    1. Thanks, we were really lucky, I think L having twins and needing the support with family living away, probably helped us to really stick together. We’ve met so regularly, that they are just the best of friends.

  5. That’s so wonderful. I love my NCT refresher group of mums and babies (I missed out first time round as we were in France). My mum set up my home town’s NCT chapter in the late 70s, her best friend is still a mum she met there in 1978 when pregnant with my brother, and the friend’s younger son was best man to my youngest brother a couple of months ago. NCT friendships can be truly amazing!

  6. I so love the fact that you have such a lovely friendship with NCT friends honey and its so nice that you meet up regularly.

    Thank you for sharing your Christmas meet up with #MagicMoments x

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