Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 060316

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 060316

These days its nigh on impossible for children to get up close to Formula One cars.  Life was very different when my brother and I were children.  The sport isn’t going in a direction that makes me happy as a life long fan.  It’s so much about money these days and has so little to do with inspiring the future generations to love this form of motor sport. One of Monkey’s favourite exhibits at the British Motor Museum has always been the old Jaguar F1 car.  I love this shot, taken last month when he saw his favourite car in the newly opened collection storage part of the museum.

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 060316


Monkey was in deep conversation with the ‘driver’ when I walked up behind him. We’re both on countdown until the season restarts in a couple of weeks.  Let’s hope Channel 4 do a better job of hosting than ITV did.


12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 060316

  1. What a great photo! Even from the back you can tell how happy he is to be looking at the car. It’s great that he is following in your footsteps and you can share your love of F1 with him.

  2. Great photo. I so agree with you on the direct that F1 is going in.

    I miss the days on the loud engines, the unique designs and drivers with personalities.

    Thank you for linking up

  3. I love how engaged of him talking to the driver while being a tad shy and twirling his thumb behind. So adorable! 🙂 x

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