Spiders Web

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 130316

This week has been such a mixed bag weather wise.  We’ve experienced everything from freezing cold, monsoon rain, howling gales right through to thick fog and beautiful sunshine.  I got in the car on Friday morning and someone had been up bright and early and created a masterpiece.

Spiders Web

I do love looking at spiders webs covered in dew, the water droplets look like crystals don’t they.

What sort of weather have you had lately?


32 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 130316

  1. The water droplets totally look like crystals! Beautiful.
    Our weather is improving, getting more and more sun and temperatures should go up next week too. Spring is coming! xx

  2. Ooh something very beautiful about spiders webs. Lovely photo.

  3. I love looking at icy spider webs. Great picture, i like it how the droplets look like beads 🙂

  4. The design is so beautiful isn’t it! I still think there’s something magical about the spinning and weaving 🙂

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