Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 160815

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 160815

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 160815

I took this shot whilst we were at Twycross Zoo last week.  I’ve always been fascinated by Flamingos but I chose this photo for a totally different reason.  I loved the actor Richard Briers growing up, and was a fan of whatever sit-com he happened to appear in.  When I was sorting through the photos for my review post, I looked at this one and started to smile.  This photo says Ever Decreasing Circles to me, and I was taken back to 1984, watching Briers on the TV with my family, laughing, almost certainly laughing.

To a 5 year old Monkey watching the Flamingos, this scene just looked like a very strange way to eat your lunch!

What does it say to you?


18 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 160815

  1. Pause…Sorry I just went back down memory lane and was thinking of ‘Ever decreasing circles’ and other shows… Gosh they did make me laugh! Love the ripple/circle effect around the flamingoes.

  2. I love the circles in the water and the colors of the Flamingo…perfect! Great shot. I don’t know the show you speak of, but I love the image anyway!

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