Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 230815

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 230815

I still remember my first visit to see HMS Victory, I went with my parents and my brother. I’m guessing I was about 8, I’m sure my Dad will correct me shortly!  The ship looked so large and so beautiful.  In those days the masts were at full height and all the rigging was still in place.  I remember the hammocks, the cannons and the impossibly small spaces that sailors had to live in.  I also remember the rear of the ship, I know, not exactly a nautical term, but it was so different from the rest of the ship, especially when seen externally.

Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 230815

This shot only captures a small part of it, but I also love flags, so it called out to me to be this week’s shot!

I remember one other thing from my first visit, I came home with a HMS Victory pencil.  I wonder whatever happened to that!

Have you been to Portsmouth to see HMS Victory?


12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 230815

  1. great shot, the flag against the blue sky is stunning, love the light shining through #mysundayphoto

  2. We live in Hampshire but have never visited HMS Victory. Must go be at Christmas time when they have the Victorian Market on. *yes I said the C word* xx #MySundayPhoto

  3. What a beautiful photo, I like how the flag proudly sways. We’ve never been there too, it’s something my husband talked a about. x

  4. this is great. i love it! that blue blue sky and that flag against it. great shot.

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