Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures #givejoyforjessica

A year ago today we were away in North Wales for a long weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday and enjoying simple pleasures.  We’d had a few really grey and rather wet days, but on the 14th we woke up to beautiful blue skies and could actually see the mountains that surrounded our hotel.  We’d had our breakfast and we’d popped back to our room before heading out for the day.  As I was waiting for the menfolk to sort themselves out I checked my Instagram feed.  It’s a moment I don’t think I’ll ever forget, as there I read the news that little Jessica had passed away suddenly.  A little bit of my heart broke for her and her family that morning.  She was such a fighter, and her smile radiated out of every photo I’d seen of her each week as we linked up our Country Kids posts.

Today, Jessica’s mum, Louise has asked us to give joy for Jessica and remember her with smiles.  I think of them whenever we are out and about and no matter what we’re going through here at the moment it just doesn’t compare to what Louise and her family are living through every day.

So we’re enjoying simple pleasures here, forgetting about all of our struggles and just being thankful that we have each other.  We’re remembering a little girl who smiled and lived every moment she had.

Simple Pleasures

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  1. Love that photo of you and your son. Simple pleasures are the best. Hope you have a lovely day and thank you for sharing your smiles for Jessica x #givejoyforjessica

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