Singing a song

Singing a song

There are some things that you probably take for granted with young children, singing a song is probably one of them.  With Monkey, most things take a bit longer than his peers, singing a song has definitely been one of them.

So many things seem to have clicked in the last month, advances in bravery, independence and now with singing.  I’ve sung nursery rhymes and silly songs to Monkey from birth, I’ve sung to him every day.  It’s made no difference, he’s never been bothered to sing anything back to me.

We’ve been to music groups, sing and sign, all the play groups you can find locally over the years.  We did them all, but still he showed no interest in singing a song.

We noticed a difference in the run up to Christmas, he would sing a line from a song from his nativity play, just one line, but it was a start.  They’ve been doing a lot of work at Nursery School with number recognition, we’ve been mirroring that here too.

All of a sudden the week before last, Monkey sat down for lunch and started singing a song, he sang from start to finish.  He sang 5 currant buns in the baker’s shop all the way through.  He was so pleased with himself, I was thrilled.  He’s 4 years old, I’m sure lots of children have been doing this for a couple of years?? When something takes longer, you wait and wait, you think it will never come.

For once we didn’t have cakes to be able to play out the actions so we made do with some cake moulds and pennies – Monkey loved it.

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13 thoughts on “Singing a song

  1. That’s so lovely! LP still only sings a line or the odd word from a song and when we sing she says ‘No singing Mummy!’ but like you I have sung to her, and Little Man since birth. I hope you enjoy many more songs together in the future 🙂 x

  2. Aww bless, that is so sweet! My four year old knows a couple of songs but he still stumbles up sometimes and repeats lines! They all get there at some point 🙂 x

  3. I don’t think Miss C was singing full songs until she was 3 and a bit. She’d sing some bits but not the full song before that. It’s amazing hearing them singing or reading. They are just amazing full stop. Well done Monkey!

  4. The thing that we waited and waited for was jumping. It was the only thing I couldn’t answer positively at H’s 2.5 year check & I think we waited another year. Great when that moment finally arrives isn’t it?

  5. Mister B doesn’t sing songs and the only nursery rhyme he says is Baa Black Sheep. It must have been so nice to hear Monkey sing a song, I long for the day I hear something different!

  6. awww Mary this is super news, i think children are all different and some do stuff others dont .. monkey obviously has been super good at other stuff and has kept you on your toes!

    thanks for linking up and sharing with #MagicMoments x

    P.s I never sang till i was much older apparently x

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