Sir Monkey

Sir Monkey

This half term Monkey is learning all about Kings, Queens, Knights, Princesses, Castles and Dragons.  He’s really been enjoying the theme and it’s been lovely to hear him tell me what he’s been doing.  I don’t know about you, but I normally get very little out of him.  What have you been doing today?  Nothing!  Well Sir Monkey has been having a great time.

The children have been making castles and apparently Monkey has been guarding it and letting people in and out.  This may not be factually correct, but in his mind, he’s had a great time.

Our wooden castle has been back in play at home.  We’ve had our knights and horses out, had little battles and saved the Princess (AKA A Bob the Builder figure!).  We’ve been reading our books about Knights and Dragons.  Dave the Dragon has been getting lots of extra play time with Sir Monkey.

Sir MonkeyI love seeing Sir Monkey really have fun with his imagination.  This term’s theme has really sparked something, it’s wonderful.

He was so proud when he came home earlier this week with his latest creation.  For a change, not a scribbled drawing or lots of cut up pieces of paper.  No, this time Sir Monkey bought his shield home and apparently he’d written his name on it too.  (We have a long way to go with Monkey and writing, but maybe he is starting to show an interest)  I’m not a hundred percent sure what the egg box is, but he was very proud of that too!

Sir Monkey

Next Friday the children in Nursery and Reception are having a Royal Banquet.  Monkey is borrowing his friend S’s Mike the Knight costume.  I think Sir Monkey is going to have a ball!

What have your kids been learning about at school?


12 thoughts on “Sir Monkey

  1. It is great when they really get into a topic isn’t it. My son has been learning all about Space and he is really enjoying it. We get the standard ‘nothing’ response too when he comes out of school but he is gradually getting better, you just have to ask the right questions!

  2. Sounds like a great topic, and you can never have enough dragons! My boy is going to be learning about Romans next term so I am looking forward to the roman shield project, I think there might be some duck tape involved!!

  3. Bud is really enjoying the more topic-based weeks at nursery too. This half term is favourite books and I’m so impressed at how he can retell the stories to me. Some of the activities around the books are great too.

  4. Sounds like a fab topic and one he’s really enjoying! Both mine come home not knowing what they’ve done at school. M is getting better though and they are learning all about food, doing food diaries, writing menus and are in teams making healthy snacks to sell to the older classes – I’m quite impressed actually!

    1. We get a half term plan, so I have a rough idea and I get to see the class room art work when I drop him off, didn’t hear much until recently. This has certainly got his interest.

  5. The question is… What do you do with all these things that are brought home from school? You can’t surely keep every single piece of ‘art and craft’?! I am already pondering this dilemma and LP isn’t even at nursery yet! x

    1. The ‘best’ pieces go on display in the art gallery AKA the kitchen cupboard doors, a few pieces go in his memory book and the rest take a long journey that ends up in the recycling – bad Mummy?

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