Sitting in a Fire Engine

Sitting in a Fire Engine #whatsthestory

On Monday’s I’m normally running around doing the shopping before heading off to my sewing class for 2½ hours.  Then it’s a mad dash to get back home, drop off my machine and then straight out again to pick Monkey up from school.  Today’s lesson has been cancelled so I’ve got a few ‘spare’ hours.  Daddy P is working on the main laptop so I’ve been relegated to the spare room AKA junk/’really must sort out’ room.  I realised I had some old photos stored on this laptop so I’ve just spent a few moments flicking through them over a cuppa.  One just made me chuckle, this is Monkey in June 2012 sitting in a Fire Engine at our local carnival fayre.

Sitting in a Fire Engine

Sitting in a Fire Engine at 2½ years  of age.  You may see nothing unusual in that. He’s a boy, a vehicle mad boy at that.  I looked at this photo and the first thing I thought was wow, he’d never do that now!

Where did this confident little boy appear from?  I remember this afternoon clearly, Daddy P was with us and Monkey wanted to be sitting in a Fire Engine.  He loved them, he still loves them, but for him to actually sit in one, and by himself was a big thing.  Mr I don’t like to try anything new, actually did and he loved it.  Would a 5 year old Monkey do the same?  Not on your life!  He’d admire from a far, you might get him to stand close by to a Fire Engine, but the chances of getting him to sit in one – remote.  But maybe he’ll surprise me one day, another moment of bravery and confidence might appear.  With Monkey you never really know!

14 thoughts on “Sitting in a Fire Engine #whatsthestory

  1. Bless him, you do never know with Monkey do you. But I know you do absolutely the right thing by encouraging him as well as allowing him to take his own time. There will be more of these moments to come.

  2. I suppose it is all part of growing up isn’t it. I would love to take mine to a fire station open day, I always manage to miss them

  3. Oh that’s a lovely photo of him – I think I have one of my boy doing something similar!
    You never know what the little ones are going to do next, they surprise you at all turns don’t they? Monkey may surpruse you again, and when it’s something he absolutely loves – like another fire engine!!

    1. Thank you. Iona and I were talking yesterday. I’m hoping that as soon as he realises that her two are at Coombe Mill, he will just relax and enjoy everything straight away. They were like the 3 amigos yesterday 🙂

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