Smear Test time

Smear Test time

Today was my smear test time, something I’ve had every three years for most of my adult life.  I’d be lying if I said it was something I look forward to.  But as soon as I receive the letter from the NHS telling me that I’m due for my cervical screening, I get it booked it as soon as my monthly cycle allows.

Smear Test time

The test is free and can help detect cell abnormalities in the cervix.  To me, it’s not a test I’d ever want to miss.  It could help save my life, so why wouldn’t I get myself checked out.

Before I had Monkey, I can remember dreading my smear test time.  Let’s face it, it’s not the most glamorous position to find yourself in, and I’d find it very hard to ‘relax’ when I was asked to.  It wasn’t helped by the fact that apparently my cervix is at a ‘different’ angle from the norm.  But no matter how I felt, I always knew that it was important.

Of course, once you’ve had a baby, the cervical screening test is a piece of cake.  I had so many people looking ‘down there’ when I was struggling to give birth, that one nurse, is nothing.  Today’s smear test time was a breeze. The practice nurse I saw was lovely, and it was all over and done with in a couple of minutes.  I’ll have the results back within 2 weeks, hopefully they will be clear and then that’s me done for another 3 years.  After that, and because by then I’ll be over 50, I’ll have my cervical screening test every 5 years until I’m 64.

If you’ve never had a smear test and want to understand what’s involved then it’s worth checking this page out as they give a really clear picture of what happens during the cervical screening.  I have to say that I only ever didn’t have a nurse do my screening, the very first time I went for one.  At every surgery I’ve been with since it’s always been conducted by a female nurse, and I haven’t had to use stirrups for years either.  If you have concerns about the procedure it would be worth discussing them with your surgery beforehand so they can put your mind to rest.

No one has asked me to write this post, I just feel strongly, that this really simple procedure helps saves lives.  If you get your reminder letter, make an appointment.  If you’ve ignored your letters, then ignore them no more, ring your surgery and get booked in.  A few minutes, every three years, is nothing.  Is it?  Are you up to date with your test?

20 thoughts on “Smear Test time

  1. Mine is due this year in April! Must admit I hate having them but I do make the effort! The worst bit is tidying yourself down below before you go lol!

  2. Absolutely vital. I’ve had mine regularly since I first became sexually active at *mumble* years old, and have just had my last ever as I will be over 64 before the next would have been due. And I’ve been lucky, I’ve never needed any follow up. But in that time several of my friends have had their lives saved as a result of their smear results. So very woman owes it to herself, he health, her body and her friends and family to axcept those regular tests.

  3. It does save lives, there’s no doubt. I have several friends who have had biopsies and laser treatment, and one was only 26 at the time. Yeah, it’s embarrassing, even after 5 children I feel a bit embarrassed, but it is over incredibly quickly and I imagine that poor nurse spends half the day dealing with infections and rashes and all manner of stuff that’s more memorable or noteworthy than your fandango! 😀

  4. I hate these, will never feel comfortable, but have taught myself to be brave for 5 mins as that’s all it takes and I’d rather save my life than regret it!!

  5. So agree. Yes it can be embarrassing but so important. Mine’s probably due pretty soon as they’re every 3 years I think and I had 1 3 months after having N, then 3 years later. Joy! Stirrups? I never knew they used those.

  6. That’s such a good post to remind us women how important the test is. For the little awkwardness you may feel during your first test is nothing considering it could save your life

  7. For a few minutes of discomfort and embarrassment it’s so worth it but sad to hear that the number of women having “smear tests” is falling. As someone who has yearly smears I couldn’t imagine just giving it a miss. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of this important test.

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