Some day I’ll fly away

Some day I’ll fly away …… My son and his preschool chums were very excited this morning.  They’d been invited to visit the local airfield and glider club, the first local group to do so, Monkey had been talking about it non stop since he woke up this morning.

Mummy I want to see a bi-plane!

I was coming along as a helper and was keeping everything crossed that an elusive bi-plane would be seen! The kids had a wonderful time.  They saw lots of gliders, some sleeping under covers, some taking off and others landing.  They saw the gliders being towed up by light aircraft and got to have a good look in the cockpits.  Chatter, chatter, chatter.

After a pit stop for drinks, snack and toilet break we got to look around a large hanger with more ‘sleeping’ gliders, and not one, but two bi-planes – my son’s day was complete.

On our walk home after the big event, we talked non-stop about planes and I wanted to make a day of it – an aviation day.

As soon as we got home our beloved ELC Airport was down on the floor and the runway was laid. Monkey was off on his flying adventures.  All flights in this house go to Spain to visit Granny and Gramps 🙂

We had some lunch and I told him we could fly some paper aeroplanes afterwards in the garden. What else could we do?

Thanks to Em at Snowing Indoors we lined up our kitchen chairs and Monkey Airways was open for business!  I wrote out one boarding card and then he coloured some in for Teddy, Moo Moo and Gaston, we were ready to take off …… wait, Mummy!  We need to refuel!  A flight delay is not a good start for Monkey Airways’ maiden voyage.

Some day I'll fly away

Pippa at Red Rose Mummy came up with the idea of lying in our garden and looking up in the sky and plane spotting.  This is easy for us, we live so close to the airfield we constantly have gliders flying over our house.

We ended the day with a great book, from a great series, we picked up second-hand some time ago – this one is Amazing Aeroplanes by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.

Some day I'll fly away Amazing Aeroplanes

My son had a great day, an aviation day, and now he’s flown away to the land of nod with Teddy, Moo Moo and Gaston 🙂



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  1. I’m so glad he enjoyed flying Monkey Airways, my two love that game. Sounds like an awesome aeroplane themed day 🙂

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