Special watch

Special watch

I’ve always worn a watch, I’d be lost without won.  I can remember my very first Timex windup watch, and then the time I was allowed an upgrade to a Casio digital watch.  I thought I was the bees knees! I’ve always had nice watches but not high-end ones.  One’s that could survive a night out on the town when I was younger!  When I got divorced I decided I was going to splash out on a Gucci watch.  I’ve always wanted a special watch, the time seemed right and I thought I’d go for a Bangle style watch like this you can buy at The Watch Hut.

special watch

I have really small wrists so I needed to see if this style of watch would be ok.  Every time I went away with work, I’d end up trying the watch on at the airport.  Should it be my special watch?  I just wasn’t sure when I actually had it on my wrist.  I kept talking about my special watch, and when I went on a girls holiday, everyone gave me their opinion, when I tried it on again.  General consensus – lovely watch, but the bangle was just too big for me.

Before I knew it I was moving in to my own home, paying a mortgage by myself and spending money on a special watch seemed a bit frivolous.  So I put my plan for a special watch on the back burner.

Then I met Daddy P, and life changed again.  When we got engaged we had to get the ring he’d picked resized and I made some throw away comment about my special watch, a Gucci watch.  It wasn’t meant as a hint, he NEVER picks up on hints.  It was comment made, and then forgotten about.  I was pregnant, Monkey was on the way.

My bundle of fun arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas 2009, and Daddy bought me a present.  Lovely I thought, that’s very sweet.  When I opened the box I burst into tears. He’d actually remembered something I’d said.  He had bought me a special watch, not the bangle style one, something totally different, but a Gucci watch.  I’ve worn it every day since.

special watch

We had to have a load of links taken out, but I do love my special watch.  Every time I check the time, I think of my Monkey, and the one time Daddy P actually listened to me!!

Do you have a special watch or a dream watch?

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10 thoughts on “Special watch

  1. i used to wear watch until phone came along! now i had not worn a watch for years. but each time, i want to know the time, i look at my waist thinking the watch is there! i should really get a watch!

  2. I have a special watch but I daren’t wear it. It is a small gold one that was given to my Nan on her 21st Birthday, she wore it everyday and it has been stretched. Last time I enquired to have the bracelet mended it was going to cost £100’s so it has stayed as I remember it. I wore it for my wedding and it reminds me of my Nan. For the last few years I haven’t worn a watch at all. And this is where we differ, I am always late!

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