#Spend20K challenge – AD competition entry

BritMums have set me the #Spend20k Challenge – how would I spend £20,000 if I won on the Lotto raffle??

Well for a start – the house!

Modern UPVC double glazing complete with child safety locks would be nice.  We have really old wooden double glazed windows that are rubbish for keeping the heat in and cold out, they also have no child safety features so it’s been a nightmare with Monkey in the warm weather.  We had a quote for £7,000 a year or so ago – a luxury we can’t afford with me as a SAHM.

Down to £13,000 on my #Spend20k Challenge in a blink of an eye!

Next would be – knock out the hideous brick fireplace that Daddy P thought looked great apparently twenty years ago.  It would never have looked good!! Then deal with the gas pipe that would need to be moved, rip out all the carpet in the Living Room, hallway and downstairs cloakroom.  Lay wooden flooring, replace skirting board and plaster and painted wall where the hideous fireplace was – I’ve no idea how much that would all cost – £3,000?

Down to £10,000 on my #Spend20k Challenge

Mum and Dad live in Spain, to go there for a week by plane out of season, with car hire, car seat, cattery and parking costs around £700.00  We have one trip booked for October, perhaps we could surprise them and book Christmas flights – that would probably jump costs up to £1000.00

Down to £9000.00 on my #Spend20k Challenge

I’d like to put £5000.00 into Monkey’s child trust fund to help boost it a little for his future needs.  I put a little into his account each month, and intend not to touch it until he’s old enough to go to university or need a car or something along those lines.  Who knows what the future will bring – or what it will cost!

Down to £4000.00 on my #Spend20k Challenge

I would love to be totally frivolous – not a luxury I can afford these days! I love jewellery and would love a stunning amethyst or aquamarine and diamond ring.  We have wonderful jewellers in town who stock some beautiful one-off pieces – I’d still feel really guilty to spend the money on me for something pointless but …. say £1,000.00 for just a little trinket!

Down to £3000.00 on my #Spend20k Challenge

I’d donate £1000.00 to the British Heart Foundation – a charity close to my own heart – excuse the pun.  My Granny died from heart failure and my sister-in-law has a serious heart condition.  So I would definitely like a portion of the money to go to charity.

Down to £2000.00 on my #Spend20k Challenge

I think I would have to put the rest of the money towards our first family beach holiday.  We spent a day on Bournemouth beach last weekend – my son’s first beach trip – and he loved it. I’d love to take him and Daddy P to the South of France.  We have family who lives near Montpellier, who I haven’t seen in about 10 years and Daddy P and my son have never met.  So we could stay somewhere along the Riviera and then visit family while we were there in their wonderful home.

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10 thoughts on “#Spend20K challenge – AD competition entry

  1. You’ve included two things that I didn’t fit into my budget! We also have old wooden double glazing that we would like to replace and we want to remove the fireplace and put in a wood burning stove, although our fireplace is not quite the structure of yours!

    My budget covered removing our lift and replacing the staircase… both things will happen at some point, but the big question is when.

    1. I would cheerful get a sledge hammer to the monstrosity that is that blooming fireplace – I loathe it – it is so far from anything I would choose!! But it’s everything else that would need to be done at the same time – SAHM = no money!

  2. Lovely ideas and that ring is gorgeous – have a thing about silver and amethyst. Like the focus on catching up with family/friends too. Most of all, your post made me realise just how quickly that you could #Spend20K. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. I think the South of France is a lovely idea! Of course, since it is so close to the Italian Riviera, a little side trip east would suit me just fine too!

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