Spooky Cookies, Ghost Bananas and Mummified Hotdogs!

Spooky Cookies, Ghost Bananas and Mummified Hotdogs!

Happy Halloween, Spooky Cookies, Ghost Bananas and Mummified Hotdogs

We’ve been having lots of Halloween fun today.  I’ve used our Hobbycraft decorations to get my son in the mood, I’ve defrosted our Spooky Cakes and we decided to make some Spooky Cookies, Ghost Bananas and Mummified Hotdogs to complete our Ghoulish cuisine for the day!

I bought some Halloween cookie cutters last year, put them in a safe place and forgot all about them until a few weeks ago!  I came across them by accident and kept them out in preparation for today!

We decided to make some Halloween Gingerbread creatures and then use some icing to finish them off.  We set to work on our Spooky Cookies.

I got some inspiration from a recent copy of Toddle About Oxfordshire, to create Ghost Bananas, Tangerine Pumpkins and Mummified Hotdogs!

The Ghost Bananas are so easy = peel and cut a banana in half, the article uses chocolate to make a face, but I used raisins instead. I also made a quick Tangerine Pumpkin.

For the Mummified Hotdogs:

Cut sheets of pre-made puff pastry into thin strips, wrap around frankfurters/sausages and cook for 10/15 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 190 deg C until sausages are cooked and the pastry is golden. Yummy.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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