Spooky Fruit Halloween

Spooky Fruit Halloween – AD paid post

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Halloween is just around the corner and as we’re spending some time away from home beforehand, I really need to be more organised this year.  Now my son is nearly 4 he’s grasping the whole idea of Halloween, and hopefully, we can have some fun this year.  When I heard that Alex and Alexa were running a Spooky Fruit Halloween competition, I thought I’d see what we could come up with.

Two Apples decided to put themselves forward for a Halloween makeover.  They were warned that I am not particularly artistic and not a heavy make-up user.  They agreed to still proceed with the Spooky Fruit Halloween Challenge.

Spooky Fruit Halloween

We drew on the outline for the foundation of our fruity transformation, and carefully carved the required ghoulish features.  I did learn something from last years pumpkin carving experience it seems.

Next, we asked for some Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry volunteers.  They had to sign a disclaimer – we couldn’t guarantee their long-term safety – they were big and brave and stepped up to their part of the Spooky Fruit Halloween Challenge!

They became eyes, noses, oozing flesh and a hat.  Our mild-mannered Apples had become Berry Eating Halloween monsters!  Be warned, you never know what to expect in your fruit bowl this Halloween!



25 thoughts on “Spooky Fruit Halloween – AD paid post

  1. These are awesome!! Not heard about spooky fruit before (sheltered life!) but I’d like to do some Halloween crafty things with POD. Great post, I love this 🙂

  2. As my kids would say – awesome. I will have to be a copycat and make some of these with them!

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