Starting November with a bang

Starting November with a bang

Last Tuesday, 1st November we had our first Parents Evening of Year Two.  I help in class on Wednesday afternoon’s so have seen glimpses of how Monkey is doing this term.  But as you all know, school has been a rocky road for us, so I was eager to see and hear what his teacher really thought.  Well it turned out that Monkey would be starting November with a bang at school.

I’ve seen Monkey grow in so many ways in the last few months.  School, it would appear is no different.  I truly think that being in the same class room with the same teacher and TA as last year, has given Monkey the confidence to share his thoughts with a wider audience. We haven’t spent a whole term getting him used to new staff, in a new room.  It’s made a big difference.  That’s not to say we don’t have battles actually getting him there in the mornings.  But I think that’s more a case of not wanting to leave his toys, rather than not enjoying his time at school.

Starting November with a bang

Normally when we look through Monkey’s books before talking to the teacher, he’s quite quiet and it’s hard to get much out of him.  Not the case this time around.  He took control and wanted to show us ‘how much I’ve improved Mummy’.  His handwriting in the last six weeks has come on in leaps and bounds (although Gramps may well think differently when he opens his birthday card on Saturday – sorry Dad, apparently his best writing is reserved for school). You could also see the change in his writing content, going from very stilted short sentences, to more descriptive writing, with a good range of connectives, verbs and adjectives.  He talked us through each page with pride and real interest in what he’s been learning.

We went through to see his teacher and shy boy returned.  But during our time with his teacher he started talking more and describing what he’s been doing recently.  His teacher explained that he’s doing really well. All of a sudden he has really shown rapid progress and she’s very pleased with him and his work.  To the point that some of his writing content is at a level expected at the end of Year Two.  Yes, that did nearly have me in tears.

Getting and staying at an expected level has been the goal, forever.  Monkey does everything at his own pace, which isn’t always ideal in a school setting.  He’s worked so flipping hard, to get to where he is right now.  I’m so proud of him.  For him to be ahead of the game in an area, is beyond words for me.  I know Monkey has it all inside him.  When we talk about things he cares about, the vocabulary and understanding is all there, way ahead of his age in some instances.  Getting it out there for the world to see has always been the challenge.

He has a lovely teacher, and in fact, the team as a whole, seem to get him and have done so much to bring him on. He can’t rest on his laurels, he needs to keep up the hard work. Maybe one day he’ll show the same enthusiasm for his homework projects as he does for his classroom work, but I’d much rather it be that way round.

He’s good at Maths, gets that from Gramps I think, certainly not from me.  He likes Science which is no surprise to me.

Starting November with a bang as Monkey’s parents evening surpassed my expectations and hopes.  I’m so proud of him and for he’s achieved.  To be on par with his peers just makes school life so much easier for him.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of Year Two holds for him.

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  1. It’s so magically wonderful when your kids are proud of their work and wishing to share it with you, enjoy every moment and be proud x

  2. I love reading about Monkey’s progress and at times I can relate with the journey you have been on. I really do think having the same teacher for a few years helps. I’m dreading next year as it will be all change for us, the first in Ethan’s school life. I’m so glad that Monkey was so proud of himself and so keen to show you. Even if there was a little shyness. Keep up the good work Monkey, you are doing so well.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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