Stressfree mealtime thanks to a Telescopic Front Loader!

Now that’s something I never thought I’d say!

It’s rather ironic that in my pre-child life I worked for a company that supplied JCB with plastic components for their production lines.  Little did I know then, that one day I would be able to reel off the different makes and sometimes, even the model (yes, that IS true, and a little sad) manufactured by them.  My son is fanatical about all things JCB and we have a number of the My 1st JCB toys, books and even DVD’s – did you know that Diggers can Dance??

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post my son is being rather challenging at dinner times.  Tonight he ate his Chicken Kiev with no problems and then spent ten minutes just staring at his veg.  Here we go again thought I when suddenly my son raised his arm in the air…

Mummy, I’m Larry Loadall, this is my telescopic arm!

He then proceeded to use his fork as ‘the fork’ on Larry Loadall, and loaded his veg up and scooped it into his mouth.  A few minutes later and his dinner plate was empty.

I shall be inviting Larry and his telescopic arm for dinner from now on!  I just love my son’s imagination, as a late talker, he just amazes me with the things he now comes out with, and if it makes dinnertime less stressful all well and good 🙂

Meet the Real Larry Loadall – my new dinnertime hero …..

My 1st JCB Larry Loadall

20 thoughts on “Stressfree mealtime thanks to a Telescopic Front Loader!

    1. Kids! It just made me laugh tonight. This time last year Monkey had just about got to a fifty word vocabulary at age 2 1/4, and now he can say words like telescopic 🙂 I’m quite happy for him to work his way through the entire JCB catalogue if it gets him eating his veggies 🙂

  1. That’s so sweet. Do you know ASDA have a range of JCB t-shirts? I love how interested they get in this at this age. They learn so fast too. I wonder if this would work on getting Bud to eat his?

    1. Our nearest Asda is a bit of a trek away but Tesco had some last year so I bought the next size up so Monkey is sorted for the summer. I have to say it’s definately worked for the last 3 nights now. Sure it won’t last, but I’m enjoying it while it does

  2. That is a brilliant idea and even more fab that Monkey came up with it himself! Fab, I hope meal times are far easier for you from now!

  3. thats really good!! might have to try this suggestion for mine they are not too keen on the veg, dont know whether they would go for it but got to be worth a try!

  4. How clever! I’m all for whatever will get the kids to eat their dinner, especially their veggies!

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